ILGM Customer Service

I’ve ordered various cannabis seeds from multiple companies and have both good and bad experiences. I’m still a rookie when it comes to growing cannabis, but I’ve got 40+ years of gardening experience as a foundation. Since I’m new to growing cannabis I took the time to read the ILGM germination instructions and followed those instructions from start to finish. My last order of ILGM seeds I had a lower than expected germination rate, so I contacted the customer service department through email. I’ve read some unpleasant forum comments regarding contacting customer service, so I didn’t expect anyone to reply to my email.

Within 24 hours I received a reply email from a representative, who was polite, professional and willing to assist me with my issues. The representative sent me multiple emails and ultimately did resolve my germination issues. I’ve been very pleased with my ILGM seeds, but my customer service experience will have my friends, family and myself returning!!


Customer service has always done great by me as well. Gotta love that germination guarantee.


Same here! Great things all around for their Customer Service.


Unfortunately some people try to take advantage of that or are just inexperienced growers and refuse to admit user error. So bad reviews happen.

Fortunately ILGM has one of the best customer service and gaurantees on the market and they back up their claims.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Its always great to hear good feedback.

What was your germination issue if you dont mind me asking. It could possibly help others who are experiencing the same or similar issues.


ILGM 25 yrs of providing a smile. :blush: thanks


In the state of Arizona we’re only permitted to grow 12 plants. I germinate one or two seeds from each strain to give myself some variety without going over the state limit. I made my selection of seeds and all but the Wedding Cake (two seeds) strain germinated without issue. I waited a little more than a week and then attempted to germinate two more seeds with the same results. My last two seeds of Wedding Cake finally germinated and I was convinced one of the seedlings was a male. My assumption of growing a male was wrong, the plant is a female, she’s just growing faster than all the other females. The ILGM Customer Service has taken care of the issue with the seeds that didn’t germinate and I can’t wait to see the results at the end of the season!!

4ft in two months and hasn’t slowed even after transplanting her in the ground.


Been here several years and I have seen a few people upset with customer service.
There are common things in those negative experiences.
Thinking they should get a response within a very short time. They often email multiple times in a short time, like an hour, and are less than civil in their wording.
Or they post here on the forum expecting to have it dealt with here not understanding this is not really connected. Its like having a warranty problem on your Ford and posting a complaint on Facebook expecting it to be resolved that way. I understand how that can happen here, but they persist after being told what to really do to get help.
And as mentioned some are just looking for some extra free seeds. If the abuse of the guarantee gets bad enough then it will go away. I like the way we on the forum try to help. We have helped to make the process work and stay in place. For now anyway…


I’ve never had a customer service issue ILGM didnt rectify immediatly. Fantastic work!

The strain pix on the ILGM site however…weak weak weak man.

Noone wants to see 3 pix…2 of which are stock pix of seeds?!?

Noone wants to see leafy flowers with very little resin production either…

People want to see pix of big ole, swolen, frost covered flower bracts! Like what we’ll actually be consuming…not the shitty biomass we’ll be leaving in the trim bin for washing.


I’ve had a great customer service experience with ILGM. They did me right.
I do agree they could upgrade their webpage but, sometimes good things come in plain packages. You could vist the nicest website experience but receive garbage. All that glitters isnt gold.