Ideal Harvest Time Now (or perhaps not)? 1 gal bathtub Amnesia Haze AF

Thanks again to everybody for your incredible feedback and guidance!
This is my first grow. “Hazel” - the autoflower Amnesia Haze from ILGM - is 15 weeks from sprout and in week 10 of bloom. I found out late in the game that the spring water I was using, Crystal Geyser, had a ph that was way too high, so I’ve since switched to local tap water and have been using “ph down” to get it in the 6.7 to 7 range consistently.

In looking through the loupe, I see that most of the trichomes are cloudy and that there is an amber one “here and there” but they are very few and far apart.

I’ve harvested a few branches over the past two days just to compare along the way, but I wanted to get your expert opinion - should I wait a bit longer or harvest now? Just a bit concerned as I don’t want to ruin 3 months of work. Ideally, I’m looking for the “Creative | Energetic | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifted” effects of this 80S/20I hybrid.

Thank you once again!


Little bit longer is my outlook on this…

Welcome to the forum @FlyingThunderMonkey . You seem to still have a lot of white hair coming through . @Nicky what do you think ?

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What light are you putting it under?
That AH strain does have a long grow/flower time but your well over the 12 weeks total by 3 weeks and that to me thinks that your pistils that have not matured are Infact fox tails that have re grown.

What do tricombs look like can you post them, ideally a USB microscope off Amazon is used to look at tricombs.
Lots of bud there looks fat.

I would put it into 3 days of darkness and harvest if those are fox tails.

@Kan72 thanks for the tag!


Thanks for the feedback, Nicky. Truly appreciated!

She is sitting about three feet under a GE 250W LED flood light. I also have a few FEIT 65W full spectrum LED bulbs for the lower canopy.

In looking at the trichs, all are cloudy, but only one or two, here and there, are amber. Very few amber in total. Here are a few additional pics. Let me know what you think!