Am I ready to harvest or should I wait a little longer?

A question from a fellow grower:

"I read a little on your forum when to harvest marijuana but can i have a personal help because its my first time i am sending some photos

strain- amnesia haze
type- autoflowering
climate- indoor
medium- hydro
solution in reservoir- 5.4
light- 400W 12off 12on
temperature- 23.4 day nigh t21
humidity- 65%"

You probably have several weeks to go. I can’t tell by your trichs, but yours buds have a lot of filling out to do. Once your pistils start changing color and curling in/getting engulfed by fattening calyxes, you should start checking your trichomes:

You’re going to want to start allowing your humidity to fall and increase the air movement in your tent to prevent mold. If you haven’t already, start decreasing your N a bit, as your plant is very dark and clawing from what looks like too much N.

Once she fills out, she’s going to reward you nicely. Looking good.


Ya you have a ways to go yet

I would try to open that plant up if possible. Airflow is critical👍🏻 Oh, and everything Betty said.

5.4 is way low for hydro. I try to stay at 5.6 -5.7 :metal:

Are you waking them up at night or exposing them to light? Heat? They’re not supposed to have shoots like that at the top of the plant, I call it the Trident effect and several things can cause it, even nutrient changes and imbalance can cause that.

I’m not here to criticize anyone’s handy work, but when I see a problem I’ll be sure to mention it.


i was thinking the same thing. i have never actually seen that before. i kept thinking the photo was upside down and all the branches were somehow fused together.

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from what i can find it says it can be a sign of a messed up light leak or schedule and the plant is re vegging while budding. thats why its getting the typical single leaf of re-veg.


Not sure how much effect you’d have with an auto.

I thought it looked like the most elongated foxtail I’ve seen

I think not having a normal light schedule can mess with autos and photos . Autos still have flowering hormones . Which one way or another can be disrupted, and cause them to revert to veg . It’s just a theory. I checked a bunch of other forums on the web, and the few people who solved it ,came up with the same thing. When cannabis reverts to veg it makes those weird single leaves for a couple weeks.

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Yeah; never heard of an auto revegging. They are on a clock and independent of light. You could run one for 2 hours a day and get a finished plant. Just not much of one. Conversely you could (and many do) run 24/0 with fine success. It’s kind of the whole point with autos. Now; are they susceptible to hermaphroditism if spurious light hits them in darkness? Don’t know.

Could be chemical or environmental stress causing the veg also. It’s not common enough for a straight answer .

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It looks like it’s trying to grow out a little what are your lights set at?

Even autos need consistency. It looks like it revegged at some point.

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Definitely revegging u can try cutting them out and also cutting your lights back to 10 hours it could also be your nighttime temperature is a little high or too much nitrogen in nutrients