Almost time to harvest?

Two three weeks still to harvest? First timer. New advice.

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Can’t see the whole plant. Can’t judge the buds by the close ups.

BUT…just the few bud pics show a plant that has 3+ weeks to go to reach peak.

HOWEVER…use a magnifying loop to check the trichomes. They are the ONLY dependable indicator of ripeness.

Oh, you have a long way to go. Those only look 3 or 4 weeks and expect 9 to 12 weeks for flowering depending on strain. You are going to be amazed at how big they are gonna get. Do yourself a favor and look at the “Bud Porn” thread to give you a goal to achieve…it really helps to put your plant into perspective.


These are amnesia haze. 5 weeks of flower so far. Growth on buds seems to have slowed down a bit. Ill take a few more pictures tomorrow. Trichromes look clear to me. Pistils have some browning.

Yeah you still have atleast 2 most likely 3 or 4 more weeks. They’ll get there before you even realize it. Just keep doing what you’re doing man, they look happy

More pictures. Now I think I see why amnesia haze is not mentioned here as much. The flower time is really long.

You’ll see nute burn on these. I’ve tried several times to add nutes (FF trio). Almost always at least one plant responds poorly,

Other than that I think my issue may be salt/calcium build up. The water here is pretty hard. I noticed white residue on the outside of one of the fabric pots. Is that salt?

PH has been easy to maintain and I get low PPM numbers.

I flushed today and will see what happens, I’m not adding any more nutes unless someone has a better idea.

I get the sense the plants could do better but not sure what to do. Ideas? I’m 5 weeks into flower. Have 600+ watts of light in a 2.5 X 5.5 closet with temps in the 70’s and humidity about 55%.

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I see a lot of white pistils, I say 5 weeks.


Try some bloom nutes. Most growers here supplement with bloom nutes at the end of the flowering cycle. I use advances nutrients and there product is overdrive. It works very well. Just find something with phosphorus and potassium in it that works with your base nutes

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So, you’re into 5 weeks since pistils started showing, or 5 weeks since flip to 12/12? Those look tasty.

5 weeks since pistils arrived.

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You are starting to show some deficiencies so I like @MAXHeadRoom’s advice to run some bloom nutes. Be careful though: too much P and K at the wrong time can stall the plant. It’s also common for the plant to pause during flower too. You have a LOT of bulking up ahead of you. 5 or 6 weeks.

I would also suggest bringing the humidity down some.

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Which nutes do you recommend? I was trying FF trio & schedule but every time I used them (at 1/4 strength) the plants responded poorly.

I have FF ocean soil so I’ve been operating under the assumption that extra nutes aren’t needed.

Yes, the plants look like they are struggling a bit. Me too I suppose. Things were going well, but I’m at a loss on what to do now… Happy to try your suggestions…

I’ll have to buy a dehumidifier to get the humidity down further; can’t really bring in more fresh air.

Fox farms Cha ching really increase my trichs that last few weeks on my Amnesia Haze autoflower

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What are your actual PPM numbers

300’s which I gather is low for flowering which doesn’t surprise me as I haven’t really stuck with any feeding schedule. Like I said, every time I try the nutes, it looks like they get burned…

They should not burn at that low of a PPM level. Is there any way you can check your meter or use a different meter. Something just isn’t making sense.

The meter is pretty new. I’ll run some tests and see if I can verify that it is working correctly. Maybe I’m wrong about the burning but there’s definitely a negative reaction to applying the nutes.

I have three plants. On one the leaves still look pretty good. The other two not so much. Burned tips and discoloration, etc. I see very little new leaf growth. Flower growth seems to have stalled.

Then the crazy thing is one plant takes in very little water compared to the other two. It’s the weakest of them both, All are supposed to be amnesia haze (non auto fem).

Few weeks ago I thought “I’ve got this”. Now it looks like I was a little overconfident.

For today’s watering/ feeding. I watered with ~ 7 gallons of water (probably about 25% runoff). The water PH going in was 6.5 and PPM reading as 171.

Runoff PH was on the high side (7.25, 6.82, 6.66 for the three plants respectively. PPM readings were 237, 211, and 175.

Given the higher PH in the runoff and low PPMs, I then prepared another 5 gallon batch. I added 8 ml of PH down (normally I prepare water with 5 or 6 ml). I then added 4 tsp of Big Bloom, 2 tsp of Grow Big, and 3 tsp of Tiger Bloom (about 1/3 of recommend FF dose but a tad more Grow Big to improve veg).

Afterwards, runoff values were: PH (6.49, 6.40, 6.43) PPM (453, 350, 277).

Would having the PH off this much cause the nute burn? That’s the only explanation I have.

Would new pictures help the diagnosis?

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Yes pictures in regular lighting will help. And if your ph is not at the correct 6.5 sweet spot for soil, nutrients will not be absorbed and by adding nutrients only causes more problems. Nutrient lockout/ph off tends to look like they are being burned. Once at Correct ph they will start to absorb nutrients. Always check runoff ph and ppms so you know what’s going on in the media.
Your runoff ph is perfect where its at now, ppms seem a lil low if your not in final flush. In The pictures you posted about a week ago, they still look like they have a good amount of white pistols. I would try to raise ppms on the next feed, they still got bulking up to do.

Right plant (bushy, good buds, show large leafs of yellow)

center plant (not as thick, always the runt, shows most damage)

Left plant (bushy, not quite as developed buds as “Right”, veg wise probably looks the best)

The PH and PPM numbers provided are from Left to right. One other observation, the center plant has significantly more runoff. I guess the root system is not as developed.