Idea for 50/50 raffle

Heyyy yall! :wave: I’m in desperate need of a good light and need it a little sooner than I will be able to save up for it. Would any of you be interested in a 50/50 raffle where one person could also win a Mars Hydro TS 3000? I was thinking 400 entries at $2 per ticket/entry. Or 200 entries at $4 per ticket/entry. I could do a wheel spin with each entrants name but think I’d prefer traditional “old scool” raffle style tickets and record a random drawing. Really up to yall. Once the winner is contacted I can just ship the light directly to you from the site. Just and idea! :bulb: What do yall think?

This would need to be off site, as we do not allow the exchange of personal information here.


The above is true.
I am wondering. If you have a mars hydro ts 3000 why not use that if you need a light?

Umm… I DONT have a light, hence the raffle.

Guess I’m confused on where the mars light is coming from then.

OP wants to hold the raffle. We all buy tickets and then the winner gets a light and the OP gets a light for free. Great plan but can’t do it here and we don’t know you. Been on the site for a few weeks.

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