Mars Hydro TS 1000 opinions?

i did lots of research, and it seemed the best lights i could afford was the mars hydro TS1000. according to the research i did, this is one of the cheapest lights that actually works for growing. so i sent off for a few of them. this is my first grow, and so far the light does work for seedlings/sprouts, and i am also growing food plants- it is working for them too, so far.

anyone else here used these particular lights? (yes, i know there are better lights. im just looking to connect with those who are also using what i have)

Tons of people use the TS series of lights with great success, and they are a good choice for someone that can’t afford something like HLG(Horticulture Lighting Group). You will find most people talking about HLG fixtures at this website, but you should be able to find plenty reviews and commentary at the larger sites like rollitup, grasscity and the autoflower network.

thasts cool. as long as the lights i got will work… afterall i did sink nearly $800 into just lights

We just started using the MarsHydro TS3000 and really like it. I will say this, the instructions have much to be desired and they are good to answer emails and are super nice. I ordered from them direct. The emails are pretty funny as I guess they are in China and there is things lost in translation. Never did figure out exactly what the numbers on the dials represent. And they will tell you to test with a watt meter but there was no way to do that. Husband is an electrician and used to wiring wind turbines and substation high voltage and anything in between and this was a head scratcher.

Get some good googles to protect your eyes.

All in all I will say we are pleased with the lights as the plants shot up rather quickly when transitioned from the UFO LED light to the MarsHydro