I would like to know

I would like to know what is the best pH balance for DWC and what is the highest I could go in the lowest I can go. :roll: I am in my 7th week of flowering some of the leaves are turning yellow THank you. :lol:

The pH of DWC should never be below 5.5 as root damage occurs at 5.4 and it should stay well below 6.5pH for the most part. Ideally you want to shoot for a pH of 5.8 in most forms of hydroponics. Some do like to let it get to around 6.2 towards the end of flowering, as recommended with our nutrient line “MJ booster” in the feed schedule.

Thanks I have Ben doing the pH around 6.5 I am going to bring it back down to 6.2 also does anyone have a link for the mj booster I had it on my phone but lost it so I can download it again.thanks

5,8 is what you should shoot for ! The allowable tolerance is 5.5-6.2 IMO This does not mean to arbitrarily set a ph value. Use 5.8

Does anyone have a link for the booster feeding schedule.
I have lost it on my phone so I can download it a