Maintaining proper pH

I am having trouble maintaining 5.8 pH I’ll get it set to 5.8 and just a few hours later it will jump to 7 what is causing this

have you fed them recently? done a reservoir change?
what’s your water temperature? lots of bubbles?

the plants eating nutrients in water causes the pH to go up, a change in ions and stuff, the first day or so…until the next feeding.
get it back to 5.8, don’t worry about being exact, get it close and stop, don’t try and be perfect. Don’t play with pH up and down, use a little down, test, add more, wait a little, test, add more if needed…you’ll get a feel for it. Keep track of what it takes.
there’s potential for too much damage using too much down, then using up, then down…

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THANKS I will watch for this

After the first day or two of checking the pH and getting it balanced to around 5.8 you’ll start to notice how it stays at that pH for the rest of the week. Not always though, but it’s definitely the pattern I’ve noticed with my own plants in DWC.

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So you have to get it at 5.8. Or 6.3 what should I be putting it at is there a table or pic of the doeses I forget so much

5.8 is the best exact ph for hydro but is hard to maintain if u keep below 6.5 and above 5.5 u will good

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Ok man thank you :pray::fist_left:t6: