I woke up and checked on her and she looks like she dieing

Gg4 indoor grpw

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Gotta wait for the pic to upload before posting and filling out a support ticket would be best but any info will help like medium temps humidity etc

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As posted above about pictures, can’t help much if we don’t see them or get any info.

Just picked up these clones and the new growth coming in looks like this what could the problem be ?

Welcome ginger - just a guess without any information (support ticket) could be shock from transporting the clones, overwatering etc. what are you feeding her? And what medium?

Fox farms ocean blend and I’m feeding her green planet gp3

Welcome and following! I have heard this strain can be tough Gg4 as "don’t quote me, but didn’t Gg4 seed derive from a hermied plant? So clone only? Just hear say friend! These guys & gals around here will have you high and tight in no time! I am more of a read along guy right now…Those look like Gg4 leaves I may have seen :wink: they got that twist to them…

How old are clones?