I wish I could LST like you all

I wish I could LST like you all. You make it look easy.

I have very short shoots coming off and and end up putting multiple tie downs on the same shoot and have to just work with moving them outward constantly.

What do I need to do differently to be more efficient?

Just wait longer before starting? Make it stretch in the early grow?

This photo makes the plant look bigger than it really is. 3 weeks auto


Looks good. You’re doing well.



It might end up well but looks like I have 10 thumbs doing it. Looks like amateur hour to me. I am adjusting them every 1 to 2 days

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You made a good decision to use staples. You couldn’t do what your doing without them. I actually enjoy that part.
One suggestion is switch to photos. With autos you are always in a rush because you have no clue when the hell it will transition to flower. Once you do that start using mainline / manifold training / pruning. You are dealing with fewer branches at a time. Decide how many colas you want and prune to that number.


I think ya did great man :heart_eyes:how long you been at this? It only gets better everytime :metal:


There is nothing wrong with what ur doin ur doing a great job

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You’re doing great! The landscaping pins are ideal when they’re young and you need to create space as their growing vertical. I’ve had 8-10 pins in one. When the side branches are to short for me to pin down, I’ll use a pin beside the shirt branch to push it in the direction I want it to grow without pinning it down. As soon as they get long enough I start pinning/tieing them down. It’s almost daily adjusting and manipulation :love_you_gesture:


I just try to pull colas into open spaces and tuck any leaves that get in the way under the colas.

Also, my autos have been growing like crazy since they put on the 3rd node. I started LSTing at the 5th node. I think these are all just over 4 weeks from sprouting & I adjust them daily.

This is what they look like this morning just after waking up. I haven’t adjusted anything yet today.


I do think one thing to watch out for is not being overly aggressive with LSTing autos. If they are bent too much (like super cropping), it could be higher stress than they like and stunt them.

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To answer your question, this is my second grow of 4 plants. Did some lst on first 4… this grow not so great job have I done

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I will be willing to bet, your next grow will be better than this one.

Every grow is an improvement over the last.

A lot of folks may see LST as just bending branches. I just about always have to incorporate pinching to help keep all the branches growing at the same height.

I also like to use two scrogs. The first is to fill the screen and the second is to spread them out so light can penetrate the canopy. I also like to raise the light so they’ll stretch out till I’m ready scrog. Helps with having room to be able to pinch and twist branches. I’ll then lower the light to get tight node spacing for flower.

You’ll pick up tips and tricks as you keep learning. You got this and good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: