I’ve never done this before…

1st time grower here with no previous experience growing anything. But even this newb is aware that both these 1mo plants have suffered severe damage. I initially thought they were dead women walking but couldn’t bring myself 2 scrap them unless nd until they went totally crispy on me. I jus kept loving them nd giving only water. The bright green new growth is finally giving me some hope but they r still so fragile nd clearly not out of the woods. Duuuhhhhh cuz it’s indoor lol!!! :crazy_face: I know the leaves don’t repair themselves but I’m concerned that keeping them attached may further stunt their growth. Especially since I’m still unaware of wut caused this issue. But since they’re both photos, nd time isn’t an issue, I’m willing 2 veg them out 4 as long as they tell me to.

But I digress… Some tips already crumbled away but my main inquiry is should I remove the lower, more damaged leaves? Nd if so, how long should I wait 2 minimize shock 2 my fragile lil girls? Here they are posing 4 the camera:

The chocolope is lookn like a champ

The amnesia haze still seems 2b twisting nd some (ook MOST) of her leaves have even split down the middle nd curled away from each other

Left 2 my own devices, I will most likely leave them until after the shock from their 1st transplant wears off. But I don’t have any experience 2 make informed decisions nd after everything they’ve already been thru I jus don’t trust myself.

PS… I know the soil looks wet but that’s bc I jus submerged them nd watered to runoff 4 the 1st time. Nd truthfully this is the perkiest they’ve ever looked. Sad, I know lol. But clearly we need help! Thanx n advance 2 anyone who takes the time 2 read this nd provide some input


You are correct, damaged leaves will not recover. Many folks do remove damaged leaves.
I tend to just leave them until they fall off on their own. I don’t really care if the damaged leaves make the plants look sickly, I just focus on new to intermediate growth.

Don’t loose hope, they are nearly to the stage when they become much more robust.


Suggestion and a question.

The soil is too wet. Keep in mind that cannabis prefers wet/dry cycles. Water it, let the soil dry out, then water again.

What soil (brand and type) are you using?


Thanks 4 responding!! I wuz jus concerned if this wuz something that would spread 2 the healthy new leaves. Sorta like a cut out the cancer type situation. But I’m def not concerned with aesthetics, jus their ability 2 thrive. I will leave them nd if they fall, they fall🤷🏽‍♀️

Ur awesome. Always helping. The girls nd I appreciate u💜


I had jus watered 2 runoff 4 the 1st time after the ppms from a slurry test had me concerned, but b4 that I would only give a lil bit around the edges. I don’t follow a schedule, I jus check me let them tell me by checking when the soil is dry. They’re in a mixture of FFHF and OF with some coco nd perlite. Also added mycorrhizae 2 the lil hole when they initially went n the soil


@AllThatJaz you need to ph the water to buffer with the ph in the soil , you have to test both ? Once you get a good ph reading :books:, you can adjust the water to match the dirt by .5 to get it in range gradually not suddenly , just leave it along and give plain ph water around 6.3 until it balance out , or seaweed extract or 15 mls to a gallon of molasses with a teaspoon of Epsom Salt should perk them up a bit and get going !


Ook awesome! I do pH the water but was reaching for 6.5 instead of 6.3. 4got 2 mention the soil pH was low when I did the slurry test, 5.9, so I prob should’ve got the water down a lil lower 2b closer 2 the soil pH like u said. I will def start following ur instructions on that. I did just give them both a good soaking so it’ll b at least a few days b4 they get anything other than love :purple_heart: as I haven’t introduced any nutes or additives yet. Will have 2 order seaweed extract but already have molasses nd Epsom salt on hand so I will add them next time I water. I’m thinking they’re not far from their 1st feeding bc the cots r shriveled. But I chalked that up 2 all the unknown leaf damage, nd not their maturity. But since the flushing the ppms r down which also confirms that they might need food… But I wuz going 2 wait until they told me themselves lol. Pls correct me if I’m wrong

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@yoshi still learning 2navi the site nd meant 2 reply directly 2u in that last response🤦🏽‍♀️

No grow shops around so mostly I order from Amazon but there’s so many choices I’m a lil overwhelmed. Do u recommend the dry or liquid fertilizer 4a 1st time grower such as myself? Also r they all basically the same or should I stick with a name brand? I’m always looking 2 save money wherever I can, but having a good quality, newbie-friendly product is my 1st priority

Any of these 2 would be perfect for you to learn with , 5mls to a gallon from start to finish that’s it !


Awesome. I’ll order some now

Also, did u mean the kelp AND the molasses with Epsom salt? Or just the kelp OR molasses and epsom? Thanx again. Ur awesome

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I used seaweed extract the full veg cycle but my veg time is only 2-3 weeks tops , I’ve done many experiments but now it’s no way I can do plant training ,
If you have FFOF soil you want to add any micro to your nutrient mix and most nutrients will cover your minimum macro nutrients !

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Word. I’ll keep that in mind when I start adding nutes. I know all these ?s can b annoying but I appreciate ur time nd guidance. You’ve been a huge help nd the girls want me 2 thank u👍🏽

You can always read my few journals for all the weird science I’ve used that’s simple , cheap , cost efficient and works :muscle:.


Thanx 4 the invite n2 ur wisdom. Ima do that right now!!!

I’m not the brightest crayon , just a lot of time invested and now money but I prefer those moderators to answer your questions so I don’t step on nobody toes , but most important details you can find in @Hellraiser , @MattyBear @Covertgrower , @Low , @MadamCalamity , @Jaydawg6528 @peachfuzz has all the answers hydro/soil my guy , but it’s sooooooooooooooo many great cultivators , I’m old school and I’m always pushing the limits like a mad scientist , but if no one answers , I’ll do my best to help you get a better understanding . But keep this in mind , humans came from dirt right , plants grow in dirt , if you take some of your urine and ph it it will be right at 6.1-6.3 depending on your liquid content , add that to your water mix , seriously they will love it , but just to give you an example the same vitamins your body requires to developed is the exact same diet your plant needs in parts per million , you can give your plants a Women’s multi vitamin crush it up real fine and sprinkle it in the dirt and water it in and wait about 3-5 days and watch the difference , but once you learn the N.P.K. in the Lucas Formula your do great :+1: :ok_hand:. Make me proud !


Word @yoshi. I totally understand where ur coming from but don’t downplay ur talents as well. I really love how u think outside the box nd rnt scared 2 try new shit nd share ur results with everyone. Failures and all. That’s how we learn from ur successes AND mistakes!

And i can’t front, I’m already playing favorites nd @Hellraiser and @Covertgrower we’re already at the top of my list regarding how much they interact with everyone nd the wealth of info they seem 2 have. Especially regarding my specific grow techniques— if u could even can them that. Hello fine sirs! :wave:t4: I’m already stalking u both as well

Did shit jus get weird… I hope so!!! Cuz I’m jus gettn started!!! :crazy_face:


Nd 4 the record I’m def gonna give the girls a golden shower​:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: but all jokes aside I really appreciate u. U made my day!!!

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You checked it , I told you see I’m not that bright !

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Watch ur mouth when u talk bout my new friend!!!:kissing_heart:

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