I think shes ready byt would like some other opinions


Best pictures i could get

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@PurpNGold74 what do you think

I think by the calyx to bud ratio she could keep going. Another week minimum. But the trichs LOOK cloudy. Could be flash. I do see plenty clear. But quite a few cloudy. The leaves have also cannibalized. So ur on a clock…


@PurpNGold74 shes 11 weeks td and im just nervous i dont want to wait too long and miss the peak potency…ill just keep checking everyday like i have been…being patient is killing me since this will be my first harvest and i wanna get to curing so i can smoke to see if i did everything right haha thanks for ur opinion…what exactly should i be looking for

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Hope this helps :muscle:

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I think you’re getting really close, but I’d wait just a few more days. Keep in mind it’s hard to over ripen one, but easy to harvest to early. Biggest mistake I see new growers make. Hell, I used to. It’s hard to wait.


Agree with all definitely close, if haven’t switch to just water. Your days or a week away congrats. Get your drying room ready


@Kingkupa its been only water for the last week…and thats a good point i definitely dont want ti harvest early cuz the 11 weeks would be for nothing…thanks everyone for the info…the wait is killing me haha


I see No Amber… As in none…she’s still pushing white pistil. If this is 11 wks OF flower time (and not overall seedling to now), I would force a shock on her a Little harder than just flushing… ie, cold temps (65f) with 10-11 hour lighting… Some stab through the trunk with a blade… Anything to knock off such sativa like traits . As she stands, Those trichomes would send me on a one way ticket to paranoia land.

Wht paranoia?

Why* would u be paranoid

When one harvests too early (too many clear) the high tends to be more racey. Anything chopped way to early or haze leaning tends to give me the jitters and a paranoia trip. I abhor that feeling so i let my plants go a bit longer then most and avoid growing hazes.

This is why harvest windows are extremely important. No use a med patient buying ‘Couchlock Kush’ that was harvested 3 weeks too soon and makes them jittery. Exact opposite of the breeders true intention smoke wise

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