I really need a simple answer but a comprehensible one and yet…

I am so new and trying to understand all of this is stressful. I am no longer a smoker but my husband and son are (hence me growing) BUT I agreed because the benefits of hemp and CBD would help me medically so why not right! How in the world do I use the same cannabis plant and get it to where it has no THC for me? Is that possible or do I just need to grow my own plant using hemp seeds? The terms seem to be interchanged in research for decarbing but again doesn’t specify if they are still talking about the same dang plant and I medically can’t afford to be wrong.
I am getting ready to harvest my 1st plant and would very much like to know what and how the above is possible.

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There are strains out there that contain very little THC (1% by weight) that are high in CBD. Electra is one of those strains, but I don’t know if you can find Electra seeds or not. You’ll have to search for them among the various seed sellers.

Cannabinoids (THC, CBN, CBG,…) and terpines are all contained within the plant’s trichomes. afaik there is no way to separate THC from the remaining cannabinoids such as CBD using extraction methods.


Thank you for that answer - while it wasn’t the one I was hoping for, it was an answer and I can move on. Thank you for the link as well…. Now I can look in the right direction.

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I get it. We have to deal with things as they are. I’m sure that the CBD companies like Charolette’s Web, Bluebird, and Lazarus Naturals have CBD extraction methods, but as it is the core of their business they are not going to share their trade secrets on the extraction methods.

I use CBD isolate daily that I get from Lazarus Naturals. You might consider that. Lazarus Naturals has a 40% veterans discount if you happen to be a veteran.


Oooo I like that idea! I am not a veteran but many in my family are so I will check that out as well as I prefer not to have to grow specific plants for different purposes etc - although I would prefer to know exactly what when and how of what I use - this option may be suitable! If I didn’t have heart and lung disease - I’d just smoke with the boys!


Alright! I’m happy we got you to an alternative that works for you. :slight_smile: The 3 companies are far, far less expensive than going to a retail store to buy a CBD oil. Those are insanely overpriced. Here you get a 99% pure extract that is guaranteed and third-party test data are available for every lot they make.


Get them to buy it for you. 40% is a pretty substantial savings.

I think I paid $300 for the 100g jar above, but it does last about 6 or 8 months. It is 99% pure CBD according to the third-party test data sheet.


@MidwestGuy LN is a pretty cool farm. Amazing products and true to the plant. There Central Oregon head quarts is just down the road from our house in addition to four of there fields. Lol gotta love that high desert.

About the THC in your current cannabis plant.when you harvest a cannabis plant at peak ripeness the THC levels are at its prime. A few ways to get higher CBN….

*The longer you wait (go past harvest) the THC starts to convert into CBN. Causing more of a sleeping lethargic effect.

*Once you harvest and dry the flowers the more uv light and air you let hit the flowers the faster the THC will degrade and turn into CBN.

If you are looking for higher levels of CBD you will need to grow a strong CBD strain like mentioned above.
Last year I washed some trim. (Made bubble hash) I used a strain that had no CBDA when tested the flower. Once I was done making/pressing the hash I had it tested. This time it showered 0.20% CBDA. Say what!! It’s crazy how a process can somewhat change things so much.

I hope this helped alittle bit. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

Happy farming…


Yeah. Good stuff.

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There are many high cbd low thc strains available. Just research strains and seedbanks with them. Can grow yourself a plant along with the rest no issues. I grow some high cbd strains but prefer a 1-1 cbd/thc strain. Should be pretty easy to find you a strain just for yourself.

Great info and thanks for sharing Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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So as to the term “hemp”, it is defined as containing no more then 0.03% thc and that’s the only criteria to be “hemp”.

This is why we can legally buy cannabis seeds as the seed it’s has no thc, makeing all cannabis seeds technically hemp seeds.

I know that doesn’t answer your question but maybe it will help understand what you’re reading :blush:

As for what can you do to get NO thc?
I have no answer and I’m not sure there is a 100% way to do that.
You can get stains that are really low in thc and high in cbd, but I don’t know about 0 thc I’ve no personal experience with cbd weed so I could be very wrong.
I saw a video on YouTube where a commercial grower said "we have to harvest very early to insure thc levels are low as all cannabis will cross the 0.03% thc if let go full cycle.

Again, I’ve no personal experience with cbd weed so I don’t know if this is accurate, but he seemed like he knew what he was talking about and he definitely had a huhe warehouse full of bud :man_shrugging:

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According to a retired college professor Michael Blood, M.S.W. who has researched and listed the 100 best medicinal and recreational strains claims that ACDC has a CBD level between 19%-56.9% and THC level 1/20th of the CBD level. Another impressive strain is Charlotte’s Web: THC .3% and CBD 42-47%-… over 600 times as most recreational MJ strains. Hope this helps especially if grown in an illegal state where this strain is considered growing “hemp” (0.3% THC or under).

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Hey, don’t stress, I gotchu. If you’re looking for no THC, you’re better off growing hemp from seeds with low THC. Decarbing is just heating up buds to activate cannabinoids, but won’t remove THC. Stick to hemp strains for no THC vibes. Good luck with your harvest!