I need Your opinion, yes! Yours! ...creating grow app

Wow! That’s all so Awsome.

If you can program you should be able to easily get a job that has you working from home and just programming. You should definitely keep networking I’m sure lots here are in the programing and IT industry, I played a but of world of Warcraft over the last couple months and Sooooo many of them work from home in IT, programing and cyber security wish I had the skills because anyone with them can easily get hired it seems. So put the feelers out.

A suggestion would to be labeling each input section

Sample 1. 800__________Sample # 767
Sample # 700__________Sample # 777

This makes things a little clearer, we will have it so it just explains it’s self very clearly. Because I had to ask I feel as it it should be labeled. Thanks for being so open to input! I’m here to help

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@Nicky thank you again for your input.

How’s this:

It’s on a virtual Pixel XL with Android 12L the other screenshots have been from my Microsoft Surface Duo v1.

About to work on the vpd.

Here’s where it’s at before I start:

@Nicky Just got the vpd page setup correctly… Still have to code it to do averages… But… How does this look?

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The first thing I said to myself when I clicked on the post was “oh I love it” it’s labeled correctly, very easy to read, and I totally understand refining the “look” of the GUI later. So yes Bang up job here.

Can you link a pop up to give a defention/ explanation of every value if clicked?
Say someone doesn’t know what leaf offset is or RH% etc?


@Fiefie dayum bro, you’re a pretty fart smeller, i mean pretty smart feller. Pretty cool…pretty cool…



@Nicky thank you… I will do my best to add hints.

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@Nicky @ChittyChittyBangin @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @PharmerBob @Caligurl what do you think? Any input?

I finally got issues with my charts worked out

I am working on formatting the charts then I will be making it use inputted data… So for now… Formatting and using dummy data.

DLI Chart… The line will be the users data… The bars are for recommended DLI.

I will be adding labels to the bars… But now you can click on bars and all provided data shows in a tool tip.


The VPD… Still working on… But have started:
As you see I have much work to do on the VPD chart… The ranges will be…

Along top of chart X axis or( - - - - > direction) will show RH% from 100 to 0 listed in steps by 2…100,98,96,etc

Along the left of Chart Y axis or (^ direction) will show temp in either C or F from 50F to 115F listed in steps by 2 degrees F step… 114,112,110,etc.


Is this going to be an app to be able to do daily logs and try to obtain optimal vpd while comparing to your chart?


@ChittyChittyBangin That’s the plan with both charts.

I am further along with the DLI app… That one’s ready for saving and importing data from a device file. Just getting the formatting… Colors look… Etc… Of the chart first.



Actually you reminded me that the VPD will also have a chart similar to the dli chart as well… For plotted data… The vpd chart… Will take the averaged data… Calculate the leaf vpd… Then create a custom vpd heatmap chart.

I also forgot… I want the ability to print all charts.


Very impressive!


Awesome job!


Very nice!


Looking super good.
I know you have a ton of your plate but Im going to add one more think, an advanced option where we can change the recommendation settings.
Just in case things change updated info etc or a grower wants to try sticking to something different



Do you mean give the user the ability to change the default dli chart’s regular growth and high growth data?



I mean it would be nice to be able to go into advanced options and be able to change the recommendations of DLI.

Let’s say new information comes out that says week one we should be at 15 DLI and week two and 25 DLI, then I could go in there and alter the table.

Or say I wanted to try something that is different than the recommended just for my own testing, yes I can still use the app to log the data and show how well I’m sticking to the guidelines


@Nicky sorry… That is what I thought you meant. It makes a lot of sense.

I’ll create an “Edit Recommended DLI” button on a settings page that will open an editor page that populates editable textboxes with the default info… You can then edit boxes with data then hit a “save” button.

Just did an update…on VPD @ChittyChittyBangin

Added the line chart for vpd to be plotted to in addition to the heatmap chart.

Buttons moved around on me… So I’ll have to update their location settings. That’s why the plus, minus, plot, & line chart buttons are not placed correctly.

Almost forgot to mention…

I also added a DLI to PPFD Converter.

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Now it needs to be able to adjust drivers to the imputed data to raise or lower power and drive dli

Same with vpd you need to be able to adjust in real time the units that regulate the system

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I write it in node red and just add input helper numbers in configuration files

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