I need Your opinion, yes! Yours! ...creating grow app

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I am moving along swiftly on my Android app.

Currently fixing bugs, refining the User Interface, adding functionality.

What I need…

For those of you that use an accurate “leaf temperature” by use of a laser temperature gun, sensors, etc… for VPD calculations…

  1. From how many leaves do you take the leaf temperature normally, and if many, how many before you calculate the average?

  2. From how many leaves maximum would you record temps to calculate an average leaf temperature , if you could easily record them, and average them?

Please shout out to others that may help answering these questions for me.


I take the temperature of the canopy leaves closest to the light. The ones below don’t matter because they will be cooler. They all be within 5-6°F if they’re getting even lighting, and even air flow and exchange.

When I’ve taken readings in the past I checked each plant.

I only checked leaf temps as a general guideline, I didn’t record any notes.


@Covertgrower Thank you… The reason I need the information is simply to decide how many leaf temperature input boxes to allow the user to record the temps which will average them then use the average in calculating an accurate leaf VPD.

Simpleest would be for me to just have one leaf temp input… But easy/simple doesn’t mean correct.

My dli calculator has up to 10 ppfd inputs to average. Thank you @dbrn32 for that suggestion.


I check a few random leaves from various parts of canopy. I’m not going to run heat or ac so getting overly technical about does me no good. I check and use average then make whatever minor adjustments i can without buying additional equipment. I have no set distance i measure either. Some probably 6-8" and other’s 1-2’.


@dbrn32 @Covertgrower Thank you for your opinions… So far I think I’ll just provide up to 5 or 6 inputs to average leaf temperature for vpd calculations.

After adding that I just have to work out bugs on my VPD heatmap chart display. So when you input air temp, leaf temp (or average of up to 5-6 leaves), and RH… It’s going to customize the vpd chart and be printable. Right now I have a bug that affects display of the chart.

Luckily… I have worked that out for DLI charting.


Does anyone use or need dew point calculations?
I personally don’t use it… Until my walls are moist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Speaking of VPD… im cranking out in the veg room…


Hola! Sorry, I don’t take leaf temps. I have a temp and humidity sensor and I place those at the canopy level making sure it’s not being affected by fans or the heater.


This is easiest, I am set up the same.


@Caligurl @Covertgrower Same way I have my hygrometers.


Thank you all for your assistance!

I will get back to coding…


How’s it going? You ready to add some shell scripts yet?


I have 5/6 points I draw data from 3 measuring canopy temps 2 measure air temp between canopy and lights

Then it’s all sorted in home assistant


Not there yet…


Thank you for the info! Every bit helps.


I would design it so it requires 2 input leaf temps or three but with the ability to add more. If I’m growing 1 plant 3 leaf temps are fine in a 3x3 tent but if someone’s in a 8x8 running a bunch of plants they should do 1leaf per temp. So ide say min 2-3 with the ability to add up to a total of 12 or something


@Nicky I appreciate your input.

I currently have it with two of each (air temp, rh, leaf temp). It was for personal choice… As I have two govee hygrometers in each tent one at soil level one at canopy top. I was going to add two more, one at each location… To ensure an even environment.

I will do my best to add a (+ or -) to add or subtract extra inputs. Feel free to let me know of other options you might think if… Please.

It shouldn’t be too hard as I’ve already coded the dli portion to do the same after @dbrn32 recommended it.


Is this an app? Or a website?
God I wish I stuck with computers as my career, got rly bad advice growing up that said don’t turn your hobby into your career because it destroys your passion for it. I’m crying in jealousy right now lol

Hmmm I feel as if the labeling isn’t idiot proof…
The left is ppfd readings? The right is what?


@Nicky it’s an app…

I started programming in 4 or 5th grade about 1981-2 basic language on a Timex Sinclair 1000 and Texas Instruments TI-99-4a. By the time War Games came out in 1983 I had already had a modem did some messing around and also wrote several games. Then Apple 2e and Macintosh… Did the same with games. I may have been one of the first computer club presidents in my state at the time. Through the years I’ve kept up a bit and can pretty much code in any language if given the opportunity. I mainly code in C#, Java, php, html, anything web really, but apps are more my thing.
Currently teaching myself how to create Android apps… Knowing Java has made it pretty easy.

I know the “look & feel” isn’t “on” yet… I am currently the only user of it, as I haven’t published it yet. I am getting all the functionality perfect then working on the “right” user interface for it. I have plans for a splash screen, settings, plotting dli, heatmap chart for vpd, journaling. I am doing it all saved to the device and will provide option to have password and or fingerprint.

Thought of even having an emergency clear function to erase all plotted data so it can it be used against the user.

My VPD heatmap chart is coded… But have a bug. I chose to use Anychart rather than writing all the code for charting. The dli line chart is functional… However the heatmap… I have had to contact the company who wrote it. I apparently found a very large bug in their software and I am waiting on them to implement that. Since the anychart doesn’t cost me anything… I must just be patient or find another method.

If you have any tips, opinions, etc… Feel free to let me know… Once I publish it I’d truly like it “tuned” to growers of all levels, particularly at home.

All ppfd… You can have from 1 up to 10 unique readings to enter in for dli.

I enter in up to 10 ppfd readings from my quantum sensor at various places around my tent. It averages those then calculates the dli.

I have degrees in Software Development, Tooling Engineering, & Mechanical Engineering… But my last profession was as a Metal Stamping Progressive Die Designer/Tooling Engineer. My last two designs were for a 9mm clip for a new gun and Harley Davidson parts… Drivers foot pads and others… The foot pads… Places to rest your feet… Were a pain… Harley is very picky. Most people have stereos, video game console, cars, appliances, etc… That I have designed dies for parts (and designed parts in some cases) that are in everyday items. Mostly Brackets, but anything out of sheet metal at any thickness. Been unemployed since 2018. It’s a great career… If you like to be watched, yelled at by everyone, expected to do everything magically fast and get no thank yous.

That’s why I am going back into I.T. I have always been the anti-computer geek… So blend in well with the I.T. less fortunate.

I truly appreciate you input… Keep it coming!


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