I need to keep a photoperiod from flowering

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I have a bag seed plant from some :fire: and flipped her a few days ago(circled in red). She is showing a few pistils already and I am stoked that it’s a girl! This is my first attempt at a photo.
The problem is that I have a couple of clones(circled in blue) from her and only one grow area now set at 12/12. Lower one is rooted and just been transplanted, upper one(domed)was cut a few days ago and has no roots yet.(The rest of the plants are autos.)

Question is if I take the clones out of the tent at or before lights out and expose them to regular house light for a couple more hours, will that be enough to prevent them from flowering and do you think it would stress or stunt them at all? I would put them back under the light after lights on. I would need a few weeks of this to get them ready to flip.


It should be plenty. I am keeping clones under a household LED in my dining room - just make sure at or before lights out, you get them under light that’s bright enough for a normal houseplant to grow.


I agree. Assuming you have enough light yo vreate plant response should be plenty good. I wouldn’t count on a small flashlight, but ambient light suitable for dwelling should be plenty.


Congrats on the female and clones Grow Bro, I’ve never tried that but do agree with the other community members. There’s always an inexpensive option of a T5 fluorescent fixture from HD or Lowe’s :love_you_gesture:


Good idea, I already have one or two of those. I have one in the tent that was intended to add 30 or so watts to the total but it was more in the way than helpful. I am now using it for overhead light above the work table but think I will take it out and set up a “tanning booth” for the clones. Just gotta figure a way to keep it all close together for less carrying around as accidents do happen.

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:joy::joy: I like that. I usually run mine under a T5HO or single T5 for the 1st few weeks. Every run I’m shuffling plants from one space to another…live and learn and seems I learn the hard way :joy::love_you_gesture:


Just to post an ending for this thread, I found a decent deal on a Mars Hydro T-3000 450w light that will better cover the main grow area(they claim 4x4 for flowering). Should get much better results than 2 x 150watt. Now I will have at least one of the T-1000’s for the clone(s) * One did not ever take root. I think it was too “green” for a clone.
The first clone is doing well except for being very stretched out from a short time outside in the bushes. She will do lots better under the 150w.
This is her under the shop light for the night as it has been for nearly a week.

The Mother is just getting “hedgehogs”, she is gonna freak out at a 50% increase in available light! The new light should be here by early next week or this weekend!

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