I need serious help first grow don’t know what I’m doing

Hey this is my first grow and first post I use marijuana for recreational purposes so I really don’t know too much about growing I need help figuring out what is what . How can you tell if it’s a female or a male I’ve been growing since mid February how to tell if it’s ready or not really need help please also I’m really not sure what seeds I’m using I got my seeds from different batches that I’ve smoked so I don’t know what strains I have. Also I’m just using the sun for it to grow on my table near the window


You have at least one boy in the mix there.


Yep, this is a boy


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That’s a lot of plants in a pot. Looks like far right one is the female and the rest male.

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Since there are boys what should I do

There are 11 plants in this pot I just took a look and it looks like I have 4 boys the others I see tiny white hairs in it so those must b female

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The window blocks out UVA and UVB rays. Better off under a grow light or just outdoors. :+1:


It also looks like at least one male already droped pollen. Thats bad, all females will be full of seeds.


Kill them, they are useless unless you want seeds.


Welcome to the community ! second and third picture definitely showing male plants. But with them all being in the same pot . get rid of the obvious males and take a couple more pictures and post.


So can I just pull them out or is there a proper way to kill them

Cut them off at the base and down the garbage disposal.

Alright I’ll keep y’all updated

The pics aren’t clear enough for me to tell.

Welcome to the best forum around. pic 1 and 3 look like males. Only plant 1 plant per pot. Check in to gettin a decent light. Windows block alot of what cannabis needs. Your in the right place here for any help you need.

Last 2 pics are boys.

It’s a close call from what I can see. Probably going to have a wait just a few more days.

You will want to see a pair of hairs protruding from each of these sacs at the node (in the black box.)

Is there a specific type of light I can use

@litlebaby3 Depends on how much you want to sink into this hobby. I’m only growing and smoking due to medical reasons. A plant on a table getting light from a window just won’t work because the windows tend to block out UVA and UVB rays completely.

Since you just want to smoke recreational…so ask yourself how much do I smoke and how long can it last me once the crop as been dried and cured.

Then ask yourself how much are you willing to spend on a good light. Because this is the most important equipment. I went from no more than 3.32 oz dried, cured and no stems to getting over 27+ oz per crop

This is why…I’m running 2 HLG 260xl rspec lights in a 4x4 and on a 12/12 light cycle start to finish.