I need help getting my seeds past the sprouting stage

I’m using 300w grow light trying to get my seeds to sprout but everytime they sprout and show leaves they wilt and die? I have them In rockwol cubes with a plastic cup over the top for a dome . Please help me . How high do I need the light from the seeds and if I grow in coco do I need a dome or cup over the seed. ? Thanks so much for any advice .

The most common cause of this is called “damping off.” It occurs when there is too much water at the roots. Cannabis doesn’t like continuous wet feet.

Have any pictures?

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2 seeds in 1 gallon pots with coco. The other two seeds were in rockwol cubes which one popped but then i took off the dome and it dried up too fast so I sprayed it and now it’s slowing die. The one in the coco has sprouted now on the left front pot but do I have the light at the right height? It’s about 12” now . It was at 6 inches but I moved it up . Any advice for coco ? Or is it easier to grow in a different soil . ? I also have sunshine mix soil. Thanks so much for any advice . I just can’t get past this stage after they pop. Also im using one 300w light 24 hours a day.

@Hawaii1 try bringing your light 18-24 inches from the top of your cup

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“300w” grow light is not very helpful. What light exactly do you have. If it’s true 300 watts that’s way close. My guess is it’s more like 100-150 blurple?

Are you washing and prepping the coco?

Most people use domes it seems so that’s unlikely to be your problem in a vacuum. I don’t dome mine so it’s definitely not a requirement though.

On the pictures - those look like they have been watered quite a bit. Seedlings only need a few ml of water a day (they need even less if you are using a clear dome.) Cannabis doesn’t like wet feet, so the soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

On that pic - I was looking for a close up of the seedlings in question to confirm whether or not it is damping off.