I need assistance with buying LEDs

Those labels are not accurate. I have 2X 1800w cobs. They are bright but 9nly 320real Watt.

2 of them is good when you do 2 plants. Scrogg and then you get buds what are same thik like fingers. I know bc my friends are closet grower too. Allmost same size cabinet.

Don’t pay any attention to how many watts each light is advertised or consumes. You need a light that has been tested for total flux and has ppf of around 1000-1200 umols/s to flower a 4x4 well.

Can you give me a couple good examples/names for a light like this?

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Sure. Horticulture lighting group hlg-550. Any of the bigger lights from fluence bioengineering. Timber grow lights, chilled tech, amare, and gavita all have led lights designed for 4x4 space. Doing something like two qb 260 xl kits from horticulture lighting group would work too, and probably save you some cash.