I need assistance with buying LEDs

From a fellow grower: I have a question.I am planning on building two 17.00 deep x 31.50 wide x 73.00 Inch tall cabinet’s with a high flow ventilation exhaust fan and a

" VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Dimmable DS300 300W LED Grow Light,12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Has Daisy Chain Function for $67.99 each

My question is would this light be sufficient?too much?or not enough,for my cabinets.It will be on timers with room for 8,8 inch pots together tight.I’m thinking I might want two of the lights once I see what the heat giving off will be like.All the reviews say they have almost no heat but I will see.

Not enough

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Long answer is

True watts is 130, your coverage is about 6 sq ft. You would only put out 21watts per sq ft.

This kind of light you’d need about 45-60 watts a sq ft to make a decent product. So you’d need about 3 of these per setup.


It’s also questionable whether 8 plants will thrive in that small a space, whereas a single plant at a time would more than fill up such a tiny grow.

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Welcome to the community two plants would be the most I would put in that size area. The vipar 600 pulls about 290 watts and it’s priced at 159.00


A Mars Hydro TS 1000 and SPD150 are in the same price range and are “white” light. Worth considering.

Edit: that’s assuming one of these lights per cabinet.


Yes :+1: @KeystoneCops I agree I know everybody can not afford to spend 500 bucks either light would grow Buds in small space.


That is a very small cabinet. 17” is pretty narrow for even 1 plant in flower.


Please ask this customer to join the forum and post here. I would not recommend this light based off the information we have. It sounds like this will be a converted wardrobe or storage cabinet intended to be sog styled grow. If that is true, I would like to make sure this space is utilized properly. Then we can look at getting proper lighting.


Well,thank you all for that helpful information.Taking it all into consideration I have decided to use VIPARSPECTRA’s Latest Dimmable 600W 12 band LED Grow Light because by the specifications it seems to put out a small amount less PAR or PPFD than the Mars Hydro TS 1000.By the reviews it was said the VIPARSPECTRA’s manufacturers spec’s were actually lower than the actual ppfd.So,heat was a big factor that helped make my decision as well.And I will try two plants in 3 gallon pots instead of 8 so I don’t end up very disappointed and waste a lot of money.What do ya’ll thank about that?


Welcome to the forum! I think either of those lights will grow weed. If you limited your decision to one or the other, probably not going to matter too much. If you decide to continue growing long term you will likely replace it no matter which one you went with.

If you start a journal I would love to follow along with your grow, please tag me.


Welcome to the forum.

It’s best not to crowd your plants. Less in a small space is better. Still, as I mentioned before, a 17”x 31” space is quite small even for one plant. It can be done, but it’s easy to outgrow your space. I grow 6 plants in a 4’x8’ tent and feel like I’m cramping them.

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I’d look for reviews of the specific lights on the Migro YouTube channel.

I’ve heard one knock against Vipar, but it’s about their spectrum being a little weird. But they make lights that work.

I’d lean toward a white light like the Mars Hydro, because it’s just going to be easier to see.

I wouldn’t buy a dimmable light either way. I’d raise and lower the lamp if I need to back off a seedling.

Cheers, @Miami

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I love my mars ts1000’s they are dimmable too. And that helps if you run out of head room.

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I see.I would chose dimmable because it is only a 71 inch tall cabinet and it would take up one foot just for the hanging apparatus .So that would leave almost 5 feet of space,12 of which will be needed for space between the light and canopy.So that leaves 4 feet for safe grow room.I think dimmable would be a safer choice in case they grow too tall and start to get burn or bleaching.I read that the bloom cycle is kind of dimmer than usual but it will be so close it might be okay.I’m still just researching for now.I’m learning a lot though.Thank you. @KeystoneCops @PharmerBob @ILGM.Support @dbrn32

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Height will only be an issue if your canopy isn’t managed properly. In sog grow like that your plants should be put into flower about the time they are roughly a foot or so tall. What you may run into, is that the plants will compete for vertical space if they start touching each other. They will shoot up quickly if that happens. You want to avoid that because if you end up with 3’ plants 75% of plant will be pretty much useless. This is the reason the others are warning you about plant count. I know you can be successful with your grow plan, but it does take some adjusting and learning curve. Running a small sog is one of more difficult ways to grow, but it can be very rewarding when done properly.

Are you planning on doing this with clones?

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I would be starting from seed.I have my mind set on the two pounder photo period plants first.I would like to try femming them to see if I could make 4 or 8 colas instead of one.I would like to gather up several pounds that will last me several years then quit and grow vegetables or flowers.

You’re not going to grow 8-2 pound plants in 17" x 32" space. Probably not even 1 plant that large. A solid grow in there with full canopy probably be +/- 10 ounces.

A zip per plant would be a pretty good target.

I’m in the process of buying everything I need for a successful grow. I plan to buy a 4’x4’ grow tent. I plan to buy a Full Spectrum LED light. What wattage would be best for optimum grow. I was looking at 1000 watts. Too much?

Quantum board cob led. 250w with far reds 3000k dimmable hlg.
Nothing more to say.
Ive tried many, but thats the case.
ONE 250w quantum is like 2 X600w viparspectras.
Only thing you can spread 2X 600 vipras more.
2 viparspectra can grow 6 auto plants same for one 250w quantum . Or one photo(scrogged) nice branching BTW (viparspectra blue hue) . Meizhi 600w - better for flowering. But some lamps blinking and no answer for them. Dissapointment. And those all are so heavy.
When you try quantum then you think why you are not used them before.