I’m not sure what is going on here?

I am going into week 9 on this plant. It began showing some signs of over feeding around week 6 (I did not check the runoff EC, my first mistake). I cut back on nutrients and the issue got worse. I checked the EC on it the next feeding and it was low, 1.5. So I fed her more on my next feeding. The issue still got worse. Not sure where I went wrong in my troubleshooting but looking for some insight since I have clone of her about to go into the flower tent next week.

Soil (Coast of Maine)

Feeding Athena blended line at the recommend schedule

Light is HLG 600rspec at about 60% at a distance of 24 inches above the canopy.

ORunoff PH 6.5

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What are your temps in your tent?

Are you certain some of its not bud rot?

The one time I had bud rot it manifested itself first in adjacent leaves dead like that.

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Mid 70s give or take with an RH of around 65

No, I am not sure. Should I try to crack open a bud to see?

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I would check yes…but if your humidity has been at 60% and you have good air movement, you shouldn’t have any.


Did you get a chance yet to peek inside a bud at one of those sections to check for bud rot?

I finally got a chance to this morning and didn’t see anything that looked like rot from a bunch of the images I have seen.

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Great news! That would have been disastrous.

Now to fix the lingering problem. What are you changing?

Not too sure with this one? It is week 9 right now and the trichomes are starting to get cloudy with a little amber. I’m just trying to learn where I went wrong so when I put the clone in flower I won’t make the same mistakes twice. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I went wrong other than mot monitoring my runoff EC close enough to make the necessary adjustments in time. Do you have any thoughts?

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Makes sense!
I’ve done the same getting thru a grow on a plant.

Congrats on the upcoming harvest!

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