what’s wrong?

Can anyone tell me what might be going on here ? I have been looking through the boards and Google but no definitive answers.

It has affected all my girls at once I have looked for an commonality between them, I have 2 tents one in picture is vegging my flower tent showing the same issues.
They were all watered yesterday but really doubt it is overwatering, and my girls in flower were given nutrient tea yesterday while the ones in veg were given water as they are being top dressed. There was a fluctuation in humidity and temp last night while lights were on but not huge . Any help is greatly appreciated


I don’t see any problems. What specifically do you see that worries you?


MidwestGuy thanks for hitting me back! In the Midwest myself. The shoot tips have bunched together and when I went to bed at 11 last night and up at 4 for work ( so a matter of a few hours) they every last one of them have bunched together. Am I just being an over protective papa?

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Your plant is fine.


Is this normal then Across 5 plants 4 different strains

Thank you ! My third grow and maybe just a little paranoid. My last attempt I learned a lot but failed

If you noticed a clear difference across multiple strains that received different treatments but share the same environment (i know different tents but i assume their in same room).
But environment is the only common factor.
If it continues as environment stabilizes or other things start happening then maybe reason for concern.

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Thank you ! This too is what I have come up with. Other than the presence of some fn gnats, some environmental factor I’m not seeing could be the culprit. My soil is happy and healthy in the tent I have been top dressing the girls in but shoot tips still seem to be malformed and twisted up. I have ruled out overwatering my bags get a good dry in between. My top dresser’s get around a 1/2 gal of water around every other day and they dry back consistently and considerably I don’t let them go completely bone dry but pretty close.
My soil is roots organics original I threw in a couple of handfuls of chunky perlite at the bottom of my bags and a few in with the soil. My girls are in rainscience bags, and covered with a coir layer up top for mulch and water breaker. I top dress ( per roots feeding schedule) once a week with their terp tea , I have dressed with brut ewc also. I do a water ,coconut and aloe with fishshit, real growers recharge then repeat. My city water report lists chlorine and comes out the tap at 200-270 which I run through a boogie blue + filter, ph’d to 6.0-6.3.
Only thing I can come up with is that maybe a heat issue or light stress but still very unsure.

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This is her this morning she doesn’t look happy

What has your watering schedule been? Could be dry…or if of course…too wet.

Has been for these two a water-coconut water and aloe with fishshit- recharge then start back over with water they have been getting around a half gallon at a time every other day. This is my first attempt at top dress so a complete newb with it but I have been gauging by picking up my bags if they feel pretty drag on light I water , and at 1/2 gallons that’s 10% so maybe I should go every day at 1/4 gallon?

No…it is important that your plants dry between waterings…they should be light before watering. The amount you give is not the issue…it is how frequently you do it. You should water until they are fully saturated…and depending on instructions on your nutes…water to about 15% runoff and then they should be allowed to dry before watering again. For your size plant it should be every other day or every third day and may get to every day late in flower. My two cents