I just upgraded my light

Hey guys and gals happy New years to everyone i hope all of yous have had a safe and joyful New year .ive been thinking about upgrading my light ive been doing research on lights and my choices were marshydro fc3000 and the viparspectra bar style light and the spider farmer se 3000 and today i made my mind up i ordered a se3000 today it will fit my tent really well the light is 70×70 my tent is 80×80×180 so it will fit like a glove now this should be a game changer for me as ive got everything pretty well dialed in at the moment now i will have to dial things in again once i get the light , ive had great success with the light i have but i know i can do better with this new light my old light is a ppap led quantum board grow light it is 280 watt from the wall the se3000 is 300watt from the wall will 20 watts more make that much of a difference we will see but i know my heat in my tent will drop by half i believe as i will be remotely mounting the driver im not having it in my tent .let me know what yous think guys


@Aussie_autos excellent way to start the new year off!


Thanks man i thought bugger it and i just did it now ive upgraded all the inside of my tent new inline fan two new cloudray fans now light only thing i need to do is buy another tent like the one i have


@ I got supper lucky in Sept, Brother brought me a complete new net kit he bought, before finding out he had to move out. It’s bad to have multiple tents :rofl:

Na if i got a new tent i would give this one away to some who wants to start growing all they would have to do is buy all the other stuff the light and so on


I’m plotting next grow. I have a very nice Blueberry auto in my 2x3 cloudlab and 3 photos drying in the spyderfarmer(2x4). Thinking trying autos in the sf tent and a photo in the cloudlab. Or Veg in one flower in the other?

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I would keep ur autos and photos seperated flower them in different tents

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Congrats on the light! Good choice. It was one of the ones I was looking at as well. My green beams 240 will be here Thursday.

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Nice bro and thanks

This is the best option as you can choose where to place the driver, in tent the grow room for winter, out for summer. :slightly_smiling_face:. Cooler temps here now so I have a fan behind my driver blowing the heat towards the plants.

Yah thats what i love about the se3000 the fact i can have the driver outside of the tent im looking forward to having less heat in my tent

My room stays about 77F lights on and drops to 70F during lights out in winter months and I struggle to keep it in the low 80s during summer months. I did get a little “as seen on tv” mini evaporative cooler that you put ice in from the thrift store, It might help cool it off, if not it’ll work as a humidifier. :slightly_smiling_face: