I just got a cold call soliciting my farm to sell produce

I could notbelieve this guy called me and tried to convince me to sign up to sell picked up and delivered produce from my farm. I have to say I was dumbfounded. I ask; How?

The nice solicitor informs me that they hire people to drive ro farms to fill orders doe customers in my area, and I ask; “How!”

well we have drivers and they have a long day to get this done. OK. After 20 years in the produce business, I ask hwo…again…

after digging a little deeper and asking where is the warehouse; he informs me there is no warehosue. I am informed, there is no warehouse. I ask; How do you get my farm produce from here to customers? Again; I am told; We have drivers come and pick them up.

I do a bit more prodding; I find out the company is in British Columbia…my teeth fall out…

You are Canadian? Yes…We are. No thank you!. LMAO

got a wierd story about your farm or garden? Follow up.


Sounds like a scammer!


That’s why I dont answer my phone from any # I dont know! If it’s important leave a message if not…BLOCKED!


I have quite a blocked list on my phone too. I don’t answer my phone unless I know who it is.

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No…I must say, I was merely amused and had to share it. I have been running Cannabis forums and companires for 20 years. Just thought we could have a laugh. Thanks all


@latewood no calls about a farm but I get a call regarding my cars extended warranty about 3 times a day. All from different numbers. And some other spam calls.


I don’t think you need a third party , you already running the operation by yourself

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only issue I have with your ideal is that, then I owuld have noone ot talk to roflmao


No shite…lol

I get 5 calls a day from unsolicited genius’ that want to build my domains. LOL

Rihgt! Like Oh I am so gald you called me out of the blue from the mideast…PLease take my login details and build me a website…roflmao

Hey Randy. What? LOL To who? “chuckle”

Later guys

XD who what where ,@latewood ? never hear of this name :zipper_mouth_face:

Dude i get the warranty calls myself too w to 4 times a day. Ots imsane. Lol. I filled out anhiveaway for a free hardwood flooring 15k worth on ig one day like 4 monutes after i filled out for the giveaway i had a number calling about coming to gove quotes on a new floor. Then an hr later calls back so we ignored it. Every half hr for the rest of the day and for 5 days later he called from 4 diff numbers and left anout 60 messages. Wtf is this u fill for a giveaway and they harass u for a sales pitch. Then he would not stop callong the phone and dumb enough to keep say o ng his name of company on every vm he left so it was same person just diff numbers.

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I don’t have a farm or even outdoor garden, but I get 10 text a day. Everything from the IRS ,UPS, USPS, FedEx, Apple, HP, Banks, Wal-Mart, Either warning me that I owe money or have money :moneybag: being refunded. My anti-virus software always warns me that it’s a scam. At this point I sorta enjoy seeing how creative the scams are. Recently started getting text telling me that I’m getting way to many text that are scams :slightly_smiling_face::smiley::grin::laughing::sweat_smile::rofl: I always wonder how many people actually fall for this and click on the links on the text.