I have right now begun growing 4 feminized plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have right now begun growing 4 feminized plants. They are in small pots currently. In a few weeks I will transfer them into 5.5 gallon oxypots. My plan is to have them inside some of the time in a spot that has a lot of light and to put them outside during most days and take them in at night because I don’t want any wildlife interference out here in the countryside. My plan is at some point to expose them outside for a shorter period of time each day and then bring them inside to a darkened room to start the flowering stage. How do I judge when to end the vegetative stage and induce the flowering stage and when and how to harvest. Any suggestions would be helpful and welcome.

Depending on how tall you want them to be
Most plants are mature enough to flower after they are 6-8 weeks from seed
Longer veg cycles will yield more buds tho
I would veg them for as long as possible myself
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