I have a couple of Questions for yous all

Now as i have said im doing a XL kush auto and a blue widow photo and a lemon CBD auto now what i want to know is if anyone has grown one of these strains before and if so can u please give me abit of information about how it grew and if it was a easy strain to grow and what to expect

Hey @Aussie_autos let’s see some pictures of how they are doing.
I’ve grown auto and photos together. But you gotta know that if your indoors your photos can get a little big if you veg them too long. Possibly outgrowing your tent.
When I grew them together I started my Autos a few weeks earlier than the Photos. Then on the sixth week for Auto, or third week for the Photo, I took cuttings from the Photo and created clones.
Of course the Photos need 12/12 to flower but you can start reducing your light/dark period when you want to commence flowering your photos.

I havent got plants yet i wanted to find out if anyone has grown one of these strains before and if they can tell me the growing habits of the plant what to look out for that sort of stuff.i know that different light cycles for photos im not worried about that side of things lile i said i just want some information about these strains from people who have grown them before