Auto flower consistency!

Hey there im new to the forum and excited to begin my journey with some new og kush autoflower! My main topic today is the phenos of autoflowers ! I seem to grow mainy different strains but they never are consistent in yeild, size or shape lol, anyone else have this issue?

None of them are depends on grow situations genes of the plants. Alot of things u can have 4 of the same strain growing and none could look the same.


Indeed, I have four bb autos growing in the same tent. They are in the same pots, same soil, get the same water and nutes. All look different.


More like autoflower inconsistency, but just like kids, they all have different personalities. The 3 are WWA, all started the same time but as you can see, doing their own thing. All followed the same watering, feed, lights, soil, etc. Had a cal-mag issue with 1, not the others. Runoff is the same throughout all of them so i know they’re all acting similar, just looking different. The little lone wolf is a blueberry auto, started about 2-3 weeks later. If I remember correct, I’m at week 4 day 5 since germination. Tallest is at 10", other 2 at about 7-8".

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Lol i love autos but i can’t stand the inconsistency of them its so up and down, im thinking of leaning towards normal photo plants again to compare my yields. …i want to say im getting roughly half of my yeild compared to normal plants. But autos are so easy maybe i just need more plants haha

I’ve had photos of the same strain be totally different.