Are these even the same strain?

These are both meant to be ilgm og Kush auto yet they vary massively in size and just about everything. I know autos variate but this is almost taking the piss. One is 36 inches while the other is barely 12. Different colour and shape leaves and all. I really like ilgm but My auto purchasing experience through ilgm has been mixed to say the least.

Could have just been that one plant got stunted, or has different growing conditions.


Exact same everything. I expect some variance but not this much lol.

You can’t ever say for sure it’s the exact same everything. They’re planted in the ground outside in the elements. The small plant may have a huge rock underneath it impeding root development. Or maybe someone spilled some oil in that spot in the past. There’s just way too many things that could happen to assume it’s a problem with the seed. And that doesn’t rule out just being a phenotypic difference, which is common in all strains no matter who you get them from.

Looks like the smaller plant is well into flower, and taller I didn’t see that. When you grow autos even a light amount of stree can cause them to go into flower sometimes. It’s possible that wind or being jostled by an animal could do it.


Plants like children can have the same parents and look different in almost every way. It’s a DNA thing if you want same you have to clone a plant even then if there’s a piece of bark in the ground that is decomposing it will be surrounded by a bunch of nitrogen and could easily shock a plant especially an auto.

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Yea I know. Is allll good I just woke up cranky today and needed something to bitch about haha. Is alllll good :relieved: