Can they all be the same?

Hi everyone, I’m on my 3rd grow and this is my 1st AUTO…GSC EXTREME AUTO. Will show a couple pics but just looking for opinions as to why or did i mess up somewhere but i don’t think so. Look close, pics not the best… These 3 were all planted same day and G SC EXTREME AUTO are the type i decided to try. TODAY IS DAY 74 UP!! I did a flush yesterday. Pics i just took after lights came back on today. My 2 question are…1) Can yall see the 1 plant looks quite a bit different from the other two. What are the chances of the one being a difference type seed possibly or would it be something that i may have done wrong during the grow as far as energies needed to grow. If u think its different then can u give me the name of it possibly if u would.
ILGM. HOW ABOUT A GUESS AS TO HOW MUCH TOTAL MARIJUANA DOES IT LOOK LIKE I MAY get OUT the all 3 plants total. My 1st 2 grows…white widow & Blue Dream Both Feminized which i believe should have produced more buds & actually I end up with with GREAT QUALITY but low quality. I thought the Auto. wasnt going to give as much as the 2 Feminized did total. I’m thinking harvest appr. 13 day’s from today for a 84 day grow. Care to share ur opinion on a possible total off all three plants. Thx again in advanced to everyone


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Kinda like kids that look different, but have the same parents. Just showing different characteristics. I had a GSCE auto last year top at 18". Other from same batch, planted a week later made it to 4ft.