I am not sure what is doing this?

I am sure it is leaf-eating incest, but I am not seeing any bugs on the plant. This is the only plant with these markings. I don’t know what the plant is other than it is cannabis. I have been treating it with Neem and Insecticidal soap and the plant seems to be holding its


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Did you check the trouble shooting grow guides on this sight??

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@OleGrumpy Certainly no pro here- but I did do a lot of reading on neem oil after coming across some posts about it. You can search neem oil in the forum and view some.

Are you applying the neem oil during sun time? Pretty sure it if applied during sun hours it can pretty much burn up the plant.

I decided to go with captain jacks dead bug spray after researching. Hope this helps. Happy growing :v:


Yes, I did.

I am beginning to think the damage to my plant may have been from slugs. I noticed some tell-tale signs of slugs so I put out some shallow bowls filled with beer and I was successful in catching two slugs.

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