Leave dilemmas / pest concerns

Having some sort of new issue…overnight there are chunks missing off of the leaves of this plant. I used Bergman’s bug blaster that I purchased in a plant protection pack from ILGM. The application was sprayed with mist on the lower foliage and sprayed mist on the soil and stem as directions recommended. Have seen one small cobweb in the room up in the corner of ceiling. Could something have come in the cocoa-perlite I use?

Any suggestions welcome.

Ouch, sucks to wake up to that. Im by no means a master grower, but I do have about 10 years experience both indoors and out. The chunks of leaves missing you see is very likely a bug of some sort, for me, it was caterpillars and those leaf hoppers once in a while. I suggest you Neem the plants and go in there at night with a flashlight, maybe an extra person as well. Its really easy to spot them on the leaves if you have a friend shine a flashlight up from the bottom and you look for their silhouettes from the top. And the dark is when they like to come out so you will likely see some just brazenly munching away.

Your first pic looks more like a deficiency or ph issue. Id get my ph right then dial back the nutes a little and see how she responds.

Good luck my friend

Can it be caterpillars inside this time of year?

Probably pests, better look everywhere! Set mice traps, check your plants, you got some critters somewhere.

I’m having a similar issue, although it appears not as severe as your case. I started a topic here if you want to check it out: What pests chew holes in leaves? - #3 by gardenbuddhist

Since posting about the issue I’ve set up sticky traps. It’s been about 36 hours since doing so, but the traps haven’t yet caught anything. But I also haven’t noticed any further damage to my plant. I’ll keep checking daily.

Is it possible that this is physical damage from you moving the plants around?
Just throwing it out there.

think you problem is nutes. notice rough texture of leaves, broken ends-no chew marks. plant eating bugs usually stay at the buffet and eat same leaf.
plus…you not saying any bugs or caterpillars. when you get bugs…Uncle Jacks Bug spray is super

I’m kinda having trouble with fungus gnats…. I’m just getting ready to start week 4 of flowering…. my question is how long can I do the neem oil for these damn things…. Neem seems to work well but I don’t want to ruin my buds that are on there already….and I didn’t know that I was supposed to be neeming before lights out….I’m not here when they shut off I’m working…. So I’ve been doing it as soon as they turn on…. Is that a bad thing? They seem to be still growing and getting bigger…. I think they are coming from the flies….I’ve had a HUGE problem with them and I try to keep them out…. I have a fly strip hanging in there and it’s catching some and I keep killing them and I also will run them out and kill them in another room…. I have 7 sativa clones…. I guess I just want to know if I’m doing something wrong by neeming during the day and if it’s ok to use the neem during flowering and how do I do that soaking thing? I know I have alot of questions sorry

Mosquito bits top dressed will kill the larvae. Diatomaceous earth will work as well, but it’s messy. Neither are instant solutions, but will work over a period of several weeks.
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Neem oil should not be used in flower, as it has strong residue that smells. You also should not be spraying with the lights on, this can burn leaves. Apply only right before lights out. Make sure you have good air circulating to help dry everything.

I have diamataceous earth just for that lol I was thinking of putting some of that on the top of the soil after I got water them…. Let the soil dry a little bit but it’s been a rough time with these gals in particular I’ve grown before and never had any problems with bugs…. I’ll just have to try to figure it out… thanks for all your input!! Happy to be in the group!!

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Wonder if they were in the soil I switched from promix to happy frog and then they started having trouble keeping it so I went back to promix… I’ve read that the soil could have them but today I think I seen them crawling… making me wonder if it is aphids instead of fn… any ideas? They are very tiny and they are crawling on the bottom side of the leaves where I was finding the larvae

any chance of a picture of them. I had gnats twice, both times they came from the bagged soil I had. I have used the same soil (ocean forest) for 5 years now (2 grows a year), and only had them twice (I didn’t pay attention if was from the same batch of soil)

When I had them they never gathered on the leaves though, and I never found larvae, so you might indeed have something else…

Well I’m having an issue with those big green flies getting into the room…. I’m beginning to think that it’s fly larvae…. Even eating the leaves I found a couple leaves today that had been chewed on…. I had this back in veg and I neem oiled it for about a week and I put de on the top of the soil and it seemed to get rid of them…. Kept watching and fighting with the flies… now they are just starting week 4 of flowering and they’re back….gonna water tomorrow…. Let the water get soaked in for a bit…. Sprinkle some de on the soil and keep researching to see exactly what I have…. I’m not home right now to get pictures I will see about sending some tomorrow I really appreciate all the feedback!!

I even have a fly strip in between the lights and lower so it can catch em… it’s caught a few

Ok well I’m in my room now I’m getting ready to try to upload a couple photos and a small video of the bugs crawling on my hand I don’t know if it’s a very good video but the neem oil seems to kill them on contact that’s why I been using it…. I’m also giving them some water and then I’ll put some de down on top of the soil any help is greatly appreciated… thanks y’all!!!

Well I just got done in there… but for some reason it won’t let me upload a video….only pictures…. But these little things on the leaves….they are actually live bugs they are crawling…. But while I was in there I noticed one has a little bit of discoloration…. Sending that picture as well… again, any feedback would be greatly appreciated… pics below

I was doing some reading on DE and from what I gathered is that once you get it wet it stops working? So you would have to add it after each watering until pest are gone? Does it kill eggs/larva? If so can it be added to your medium when you are initially mixing up your soil and ammendments before you even plant anything in it?

You can top dress after watering, and the wet earth will become cement like if you add a lot. The bugs will still get cut on it, in either form.

Yes it does, and yes you can add it. A lot grower have been doing that for years. The organic growers I think add the most things to have a complete biome of organisms.

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Thank you for the advice