I am new at this I have a nutrients call pH perfect technology

This is kind of hard to figure out I’m getting ready to go into a bigger plant I have the bloom micro and grow I have a dwc and I was wondering how many table spoons do I use per it talks milliliters and I wanted somebody to bring it down for me in tablespoons thank you for your time

How many ML is it calling for?

With a little luck this link will bring you to a conversion from ML to Tbs.

It calls for I ml per liter I have a.dwc with 4 go of water

sounds about right but you will have to adjust ph at 1ml/L as it may or may not put you in correct range I have same product used it exclusively for starting in DWC with clones using RO water

A tip for everyone. I found that if you go to the baby section of most stores they have a syringe that measures in (ml). They only cost a few dollars Its used to measure out medicine for your baby… In this case the medicine is your nutes and the baby is your plant. Hope this helps


You can go to advance nutrient.com and pull up they chart :bar_chart: for measuring, I did 4 ml per gallon and 2 ml for all additives, but in flower you’ll have to adjust pH due to pH technology the nutrients will chelate automatically to 5.8 almost consistently.


So soil growers need to ph up it. Right?

A teaspoon is 5ml. A tablespoon is 15 ml or three teaspoons.

What I do is get a syringe and use it to measure with. They are marked off in ml’s. Amazon has them in different sizes.

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If you get a smaller syringe (diabetes syringe or tuberculin testing syringe - they have a smaller capacity) you can use them for the pH Up and pH Down to measure closer. The pH Up or Down can only take several drops sometimes to get the pH in line. Jerry

Yes cause it will pH once mixed to 5.8 so if you using FFOF than yes you need to pH to right level, I did 6.2 , 6.3, 6.4 , 6.5 , 6.7.& 6.8 in different grows with no leaf burns.

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Thanks I am learning I was using General Hydroponics am it is good but I wanted to try something different for better quality and Denver buds

I’m confused. I bought the 3 part combination from pH Perfect Technology, believing I would no longer need to struggle with ph levels of nutrients. I’m growing in soil. Do I still need to struggle with adjusting ph of the water/nutrient that I use on my plants? If so, then what’s the advantage of using pH Perfect technology? I use distilled water with nutrients, and this has been a HUGE headache. Anybody out there have actual experience using Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect nutrients, growing in soil, indoors? Thanks.

I use pH perfect products for coco, and you are right, the advantage of the pH perfect products is no need to check pH of feedings.

Coco is actually easier since you have complete control of the nutrients your plant receives. With soil there are nutrients in the growing medium so no need to feed until the nutrient level falls. To do it properly you would need to monitor the runoff of your waterings and when the ppm (parts per million) of the solution drops towards 1000 you begin feeding.

Well I’ve looked up this nutrient solution. First thing I notice is it’s organic, if this is the case then DO NOT stress ph like you are I grew 4 plants phd the first month of their lives went through 2 junk ass ph meters in that time and just said f**k it I’m done phing. Then I learned the ph is not a big issue with organics. Also you do not need to water to runoff in organics. Just feed and watch them grow.