Good syringe recomendations?

Hi guys, after getting more of my set up, I think it would be easier on me if I had a good syringe to do pH up/down, and nutrients.

I think the nutes are to valuable to risk pouring. lol

I shake, and will likely make a mess.

A syringe that is 10 ML or 15 ML should be plenty.

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I use the ones my Pharmacy gives me when I get cough medicine (Rx). It’s also excellent to spot-water small plants and seedlings when you don’t want to water the whole thing. I’m sure they will either give you one or just charge a buck or two
-Good luck

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6 syringes with long blunt needles…one for pH up, one for pH down, 4 more for whatever.
I like the needles for getting past the suds from shaking some of the nutes, supplements.

I’m sloppy when dealing with all the liquids and my poured measurements where never the same…this works for me and my compulsions. 10ml when full, I filled them a few times for some nutes.

I have a syringe like posted just above. I also use Turkey Basters, and children’s droppers available any grocery store.

I think it advisable to have a full set of kitchen measuring spoons :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
I ordered the ones from amazon. :slight_smile:
My DWC is only about 3.5 gallons, so I think they should work just fine.

My OCD does come in handy sometimes :thumbsup: