I am having trouble getting my seeds to germinate

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am having trouble getting my seeds to germinate. Five I put in wet paper towels covered and in a warm place. They have been there foe three weeks.
They have turned black and never sprouted. Another five have been soaking in water. They are also not sprouting.

I soak my seeds in a custard cup of distilled water with a teaspoon of peroxide and I put the seeds on top of my cable box for warmth. I don’t plant until the seeds crack and I see a root.

If you had a failure to launch; ILGM will make good on the seeds.

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I put mine in plan water and put them in dark place for 24 hours and they all ways sprouted I haven’t got any from ilgm that didn’t.what dose the peroxide do for them

It softens the husk, allowing the acrospire to emerge more easily.

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Some people use a cup of water and just drop the seeds right in the water. I have never tried that method. Every time I use the paper towel method I make sure the paper towel is fairly DAMP and then I put the seeds in it and fold it over twice. Put in a ziplock back and put it somewhere dark and warm. Under some clothes or a pillow
Every couple of days. if nothing happens I will add a few more drops of water around the seeds. Hasn’t failed me yet. I even did this with 4 year old seeds and they all germinated.

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I just stole this from @MattyBear: He uses the same method.

Dropped a couple White Widow autos in water with a couple drops of H2O2 last night and put them on the cable box.


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Teaspoon 5.9 ml is good for 2 liters of water (assuming it’s 3% H2O2), if you added that to 1 cup of water they’re likely burning up from oxygen.

Another thing, there’s human grade H202 and there’s the other crappy stuff you buy at the pharmacy.

3% is what is normally available. I’ve been using this method for over a year with 100% success.



I use it too, but at a much lower concentration, you can use sulfuric acid to set the pH and it’ll help. main thing is enough peroxide to kill any fungus.

I get 5 gallons at a time, 37%, human grade, then dilute it 11 to 1. WAY CHEAPER!

@Jwj this is what the peroxide does.

I haven’t used a paper towel since my first grow. I’ve had 100% germination doing it this way. I use 2% and 1ml peroxide to 30ml water. Don’t let the seeds sit in the water more than 2 days. After that, some will pop out of the soil but don’t usually make it for some reason

What kind of seeds do you have. I bought WW auto (10+10 deal) and out of the first 10 only 4 germ one died and one looks bad. 2 of them are beautiful but thats it. I dropped the other 10 and only 3 germ. It’s blown up my season. I always bought from Amsterdam in the past. Can someone tell me how to contact customer support about this? I had one other customer on here tell me they had the same thing happen. They got 4 to pop , one died and that was it. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

@Buster who are you replying to. If it’s to me, the seeds in my post are WW auto. All 5 are growing fine. Google ILGM support and send them an email with your order number. They always replace any seeds that don’t germ if you keep the bad ones so they can get them back if they want. I will tell you that I had hell getting seeds to pop consistently until I started using hydrogen peroxide to help them.

Thanks man … i’ll get some. good luck on your season.

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That is industrial grade h2o2. Human grade is the stuff in pharmacies. The industrial h2o2 can be extremely caustic if not properly diluted & handled. Not sure why you think that stuff is better than pharmacy grade h2o2. We’re dealing with seeds in small amounts of liquid. Pretty sure pharmaceutical grade h2o2 is plenty sufficient.

Please, people, don’t go out and buy industrial grade (even if it says “food grade”) hydrogen peroxide. Just go pick-up a bottle of 3% for $1, and you’ll be set for a while(or until it expires).

Wrong! Read the little brown bottle, For external use only. I was mistaken about the percentage, the food grade is 35% and pennies on the dollar compared to little brown pharmacy bottles. I use it for cleaning and disinfecting too, instead of bleach.

Nope. You can use it as an oral rinse. It’s right on the package. What do you think “oral debriding” means. It’s also safe topically. The 35% stuff causes skin, eye, respiratory, and gastrointestinal issues if not handled & diluted properly.

Oh, well. To each their own.

For sprouting seeds, I use rapid rooters & a heated propagation tray, myself. I have 100% germ rates.

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