I am first time grower and was looking for a little help and guidance

Just want to know if my plants are looking healthy for oldest being 15 days old! And any tips or tricks for growing auto white widow image|640x480 image

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So far they look like they’re good just make sure you’re not overwatering them.

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How can I tell if I’m over watering

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To tell when you need to water stick your finger in the soil if it feels dry within your middle knuckle finger it needs water if it’s moist let soil dry a little bit. Usually when you know if you overwatered is when leaves start wilting in my experience.

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Thanks guys I’ll update in a few days

Looking good!! I’m at one week on my first grow!! I’ve had to water about every 5 days or so… but ya once it feels dry down inside you know it’s time!! Then just water until a little bit starts to seep from the bottom then you know it’s getting down into the roots!!

Something you can do that’s low tech but helps start lifting pots after you water and get use to how much it weighs. Then just start lifting in between waterings and you will get where you will have a idea if they need to be watered. :+1:


@Bulldognuts this is actually what I’m becoming accustomed to and it’s helping out quite a bit being a new grower myself.

Keep in mind, you will see at a point where one day seems like they are fine on water and next day they will seem bone dry. They will suddenly start drinking a lot more. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just noticed that watering is kind of a learning curve on its own aside from everything else there is. One thing that actually really helped me, was picking up one of the three way meters that tell you whether the soil is moist or dry at the root level without having to stick you fingers down in there and ride off your best judgement. After all being new to growing, I didn’t think I had the best judgement, so I went with the meter :joy: but like I said, now I’m getting the hang of knowing when to water by the weight of the pots. Everything comes with time :grin:

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I’ve got one to as I’ve gained some experience I’ve got where I don’t really use it. I like to go from flood to drought. It’s a lot easier to fix to dry than being to wet. :+1:

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You can also tell by the leaves. They start to curl up etc. There are a few posts here explaining it posted recently. It’s the most common problem that I’ve done/seen.

I also stick my finger in the soil to test like explained above.


Well the issue I’ve come across is that some strains cup when stressing for water, and others droop. It really depends on the grow. In my experience so far, plants make me think of them as snowflakes, in the way that they all look similar to the naked eye, but deep inside they’re all different.

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Sometimes I talk myself into watering even though the plant is not needing it. Don’t ask why but I make excuses to water: the plant will grow faster, more is better, it will activate the amendments, etc.

For me it’s just rookie mistakes and being impatient. .


So here and up date and was wondering if I’m ready to start topping

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I personally start topping my photos at the third node, but you can wait up to six if you’d like. It’s all personal preference and how you want to train the plant to grow. I personally wouldn’t top an auto because of the time restraint, some others disagree with that theory, but it makes sense to me that it would work that way; so if they’re autos, I wouldn’t top at all.

If you want shorter, bushier plants, maybe because you have a height limit, then top at the third node.

If you have space to let it grow a little taller, you can top anywhere between the 3rd and 6th nodes. Just use your best judgement on how you think you will do with height.

A good rule of thumb for height on your plant is you expect it to at least double in height in the first few weeks of flowering, and base your experiments off of that.

Hope this helps, stay lit! You’re off to a good start, set to watch :grin:

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Sorry haven’t posted in a while but this is week 6 for me how they looking and what can I do better lol!

I haven’t done much but feed it nuutz and trimMed some fan leaves

@Sweetspot you can always do scrog method helps spread plants out so they can get more light on bud sites when it starts flowering. I usually set up scrog net 2-3weeks into veg.

Do you think I’m still able to setup one up so late in the grow?

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@Sweetspot with my autos I started kinda late to scrog plants were roughly 4 weeks into veg when I started. @Skydiver will help you he will give you better advice on autos.