I am first time grower and was looking for a little help and guidance

Hi, I’m also a beginner when I was actually smoking I tried to separate the seeds of my weeds and throw them on the pot where it has a growing plant. Few days later I didn’t expect that the weed seeds will grow. Now, I transfer them to a container size of a pot. Here’s the plant now please I need help to survive this plant. I want to know what lights are needed and how much water do it needs to take. Thank you

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If Indoors 18hrs on 6 hrs off for lights is about average. I usually do 20 hrs on 4 hrs off from seedling to late Vegitative stage. With lights anything under 12 hrs on 12 hrs off will send plant to flower. With water I usually stick finger in soil and see if soil is moist if it is I won’t water it til next day depending how moist soil is. You can also tell if you need to water plants if pot is heavier than normal. Also pH water to about 6.5 your plant will love it. With set of lights it all depends. I use 1000watt mh for seedling to late Vegitative stage and 1000watt hps for flower in my 5x5 grow tent. I also use led. A 400 watt will do you nicely or even a 600 watt mh/hps light. @DeltaCharlie

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@dbrn32 wanna add anything else?

Hi GT101! I appreciate you giving me an idea about the lights and watering the plants. Thank u and will follow your recommendation.

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My grow journal might help you out as well it will give you an idea. @DeltaCharlie