Hydroponics white widow grow

Is Maxi grow and maxibloom nutrients good for Hydroponics


You bet. It takes getting used to though. You want to make sure that powder is thoroughly dissolved before adding in the other stuff. I take a gallon jug of water, add the maxi, and shake the hell out of it. Then I wait an hour to let it rest, then shake the shit out of it again before adding the rest of the stuff to the solution. What type of hydro are you running? Dwc? Coco? Hook me up with more info about your method and I’ll give you a more clear example of how to use it.

I’m using deep water culture I’m still waiting on my White Widow seeds to come in I also using 5 gallon buckets with 4 inch bubbler in a 3 by 3 by 72 grow tent with a marsHydro 300w LED grow light also going plan on using kool bloom and Rapid root and Diamond Nextra. Let me know what you think

Ok, so I’m a 5-gal dwc, you’re going to use roughly 4-gal each for your weekly flush/refill. In a 1-gal jug, add the maxi for all 4-gallons and do the shaking thing I described. Then when you fill your bucket, use 3 plain gallons and then the 1 maxi gallon. Then add liquid nutes directly to the bucket, stir, and ph to 5.8. I can’t emphasize enough that you want the powder completely dissolved. It’s strong stuff and will burn your plant.

You’re setup sounds a lot like my 1st. You’ll want more light. I started with a 600w led and went to a 1500w for flower. The 1500w seemed a little much. @bob31 understands lighting way more than I do. Maybe he can chime in.

I followed the gh nute schedule, but only at 50% strength up until the last 3 weeks, when I bumped up to 75%.

One important thing to note, critical actually… calimag. Go a little heavy on that. Not more than 100% or anything, but more than your other calculations. I always just round up a little. It’s just gut instinct at that point, but dwc seems to run calcium/magnesium hungry so I go a little heavy-handed with it. Remember too much is as bad as not enough. Worse really. You can always add more. You can’t take away.

I’m going to start out with one seed at first is the MarsHydro 300w appropriate, and how often should I give them nutes?

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Thanks for your help really do appreciate it

You should change out the water once a week and do nutes at that time. There may be times you’ll show deficiency or something and may need to add a ml of this or that through the week. If you have something critical going on, you may have to do a mid-week flush/refill.

As the plant grows and the roots pile down in the bucket, you’ll start using less water at refill. You don’t want your roots completely submerged. Even farther along, you’ll start having to add more nute water throughout the week because it will start straight up drinking the water. The last 3 weeks or so, I was adding 1/2 gallon to each (I had 2) twice a week. Flush & fill on Fridays with additional going in on Mondays and Wednesdays. You’ll stay real familiar with you water levels adjusting ph twice a day.

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this is my first time growing, Is the marsHydro 300w LED light good for one plant?

What is the proper PPM and EC and temperature for Hydroponics grow?

I kept my ph at 5.8. I didn’t monitor ppm, but the optimal ppm is on the feedchart I linked to.

Light seems low to me but may cut it for 1 plant. I’m weak on light knowledge though.

I appreciate your info thank you very much it’s been very helpful

How big are you going to let the one plant get? @Swt.2017

I’m not sure I’ve never growed before. How big does the plant usually get?

It depends on the strain. Do you have seeds? Tag like @Swt.2017 for me @bob31 tags me back to your post.

What strain will you be growing? Also how big is your grow space?

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Let me know if you have questions when you are ready have plants started and wanting to start feeding I used Maxi series all summer and may be able to help some :wink:

White willow, grow tent 3 x 3 x 72. I haven’t got my seeds yet. Hopefully soon

I most certainly will cuz I think I’m going to need it.

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Auto’s or photo fems?

All Autos are Feminized from ILGM but not always from others. Autos only get so big and the photos can be allowed to veg as long as needed and can get quite big but it’s all up to you! @Swt.2017

Got my WW seeds today hopefully to get them started soon some advice on germination can i put them in the water let sink then put them on a wet paper towel and a plate in dark spot when the root start sprouting 24 hour or more or less then put them in rockwool in a 5-inch basket with Clay Pebbles?

I use a shot glass with a baggie over the top to hold in humidity. Keep them warm like 80 or so degrees, the top of a cable box is usually about that. Set the shot glass in a bowl so that it isn’t sitting directly over the electrical.
I generally float them until they tail up and then right into the chosen growing medium

I’m a soil grower personally.

You have a pH meter etc?