Hydroponic plants keeps getting stem rot after 30 days and then dying

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Hi Everyone,

We have been growing beautiful plants with our aero garden for a few years now but recently our baby plants keep getting stem rot and dying after about 30 days. The roots look very white and healthy but our stems keep getting thin with some dark grey spots. We are putting seeds into the brown aero garden pods and then adding a small slit so the baby roots can grow easier.

Here’s everything we have tried.

Taking the aero garden completely apart and cleaning. Everything from the pump to the upper water diverter section and using hot water/bleaching everything. Everything is clean.

Adding an external air pump with a stone to increase oxygen levels.

Our aero garden pump cycle time is 30min on and 60min off.

Adding 1ml of bacillus root inoculant daily.

Trying to maintain a PH of 6 daily and only using PH down (never using PH up). Our PH pens have been acting a little weird after we calibrated them, the value bounces around a lot and says it’s higher than the ph papers so we starting using PH strips as the ongoing PH value and keeping it around 6.

Room temperature of 65°

20 hours of light and 4 hours of dark.

Adding a fan for circulation in the room.

We start the hydroponic with just water and then after the seedling has sprouted after 14 days we add nutrients as follows.
6ml of cal-mag
3ml of florabloom 0-5-5
3ml of floramicro 5-0-1
3ml of floragro 2-1-6

Avoiding cross contamination between different plants when adding root inoculant and nutrients. Each plant has a dedicated dropper.

If anyone has any ideas we would be so thankful!!


That is very unusual and I have no earthly idea but would love to hear what others say.

Very curious myself


Much too cold…I shoot for 80 F. My room cycles between 84 F and 78 F when lights are on and drifts as low as 70 F when lights are off.


I have had 1 plant lost to damping off since starting this hobby. It was of a similar size as yours, and was also in cooler than I wanted conditions. I am growing in coco and top feeding by hand, so not exactly the same situation. Years ago I was told the reason I had problems starting tomato plants from seed and losing them to damping off was because I needed a sterile medium. I started using promix for them and had no problems after that. Seems like you have the sterility covered. Regarding my cannabis plant loss, someone suggested then that cold and damp could be the culprit. Hope you figure it out!

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How far below the pot is your water level? Too high and you’ll have this problem. Too and they dry out.


Its damping off…
Your water level is to high…
Your rockwhool or plug is staying to moist and killing the plant…
Once you see roots popping out of the bottom , drop your water level and never refill your res any higher than that or it will keep happening…
I usually leave a 4 to 5 inch air gap from the bottom of my net pot after the roots hit the water… :+1:
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Is this an aeroponic set up or hydro? Do the roots sit in a nutrient solution or get misted from a spray nozzle? :love_you_gesture:


It’s a hydroponic setup using the aerogarden. Roots sit in the water and nutrient solution.


The net cup should be an 1-2” above the nutrient solution. Only the roots submerged Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Very interesting to learn all this, not being a hydro person myself.