Hydro questions

Hello guys. I’m giving up on soil I think. I’m going to try hydro and found this video on a diy hydro bin. My question is it seems a bit small is this for just starting them and will need to transfer to a 5 gallon when they get bigger?

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That’s not hydro , hydro doesnt have the sprayers. And yes I would say that’s to small. I would do 1 plant in a tub. You dont want to transfer plants in hydro. So 5gal pails minimum per plant.

@repins12 has a great setup you might want to check out.

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Here is a link to a grow I did in 5 gal pails.


@Quarinteen it’s Aeroponic, and 27 gallon.
I know because that’s the system I use now, well close to it. I made my own tweeks to
It. Happy to answer any questions on it!
My plant in it


I would just do a setup like Jstar and learn PPM/PH then move to RDWC.

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@BetrayedSoul just checked out your journal, great plants!

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@Jstar at end of journal is link to the next. Somewhere near end anyways is always link to next.

And thank you

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Guess I’ll be checking out journal #2.

The video was labeled hydroponic / aeroponic, I assumed everyone would know what I meant. Thanks for the info. So you keep the plants I. There the entire time? How many plants can you fit in 1?

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You can start up to 6, maybe even 9. That will only finish 1 plant though. Roots would be tangled before the first week of flower.
I am planning on getting a larger reservoir and linking 3 of the 27 gallons to it. That way I would only need to change the water maybe once or twice, I have to change bi-weekly with this system.

Those are even a few weeks old now.