DWC vs RDWC for a first timer

I’m about to get started on my first grow. I was originally going to do a dwc but now I’m considering rdwc.

One of my main reasons is the ability to keep the roots cool. I think I could with dwc but I know I can as it will be easier with rdwc.

I don’t really see any drawbacks other than cost. And I guess the fact that I could wipe out my entire crop if I screw up.

To start with I’d build a 6 plant system in a 4x8 room. The room isn’t built yet and I have more room so I can adjust that however I need.

Back to the temperature problem, one thing I was planning for the dwc was to grow in 27 gallon totes. If I change to dwc should I change to a 13 gallon or something?


I use 5 gallon buckets works well might be pushing 6 plants


Also my room is 14x6 and those 4 plants get dense in flower I like 2 have 2ft in between each plant so I don’t over crowded


Thanks! I was concerned that 4x8 May be small so I bought everything to make it sort of modular so I’m not wasting anything if I have to redo it.

@Tom1, have you had any issues with water temp?

Bucket hydro (DWC) suffers from small reservoir size and heat issues.

A 5 gallon bucket will only hold about 3 gallons of solution. If doing DWC when you reach flower the plants will drink more than a gallon per day so you will be mixing/feeding daily. Also; PH crashes and you will find it impossible to maintain.

RDWC with a meaningful reservoir eliminates the feeding and PH issues but likely a chiller is needed to keep temps below 70 F. Frozen water bottles just don’t cut it.

I was planning on using 27 gallon totes just for that reason.

I’m thinking it will be more economical in the long run to go ahead and set up rdwc. It will be more up front but less in nutrients, I think.

I have a 27 gallon tote for my resavore I also have it in a separate area right under my window shaker also my air pump is in front of my ac and yes I use frozen water bottle change every 12 hours .and I do ad five gallons a day of cool water

How many plants in the 27 gallon tote? Don’t veg too long if more than 1 plant. My one plant in a 27 gallon has just about outgrown the tote.

let us know what you choose!