Hydro grow questions

A question from a fellow grower:

what is the best light cycle for autos in a hydroponic grow box, when do I change from grow lights to flowering bulbs, how high does the light need to be from the plants, and any other auto flower info that could help me in the cash crop grow box.

Most people say 20/4 for autos , I start my light height at about 16-18 inches from the top of the pot and adjust as the plant grows , but I have a very powerful Led light , so height can vary . The experts will tell you place the back side of your hand right above the plant canopy , if it feels to hot on your hand , it’s to hot for the plant , adjust the light until it’s barely warm on the back of your hand . I’m not a 100% if grow bulbs or flower bulbs matter for auto’s … I’m no Expert !!!

With auto you don’t change the light to flower the plant it will do it on its own. As far as distance go’s Yosh is dead on.

B Safe

What kind of light do you have and what watt

You judge light distance by how warm your lamp/s are. The bigger the bulb, the further away you place the lamp. It all depends on how hot your lights get.

If you are growing Auto flower; 18-20 hours of light per day is best. I use 18/6, and have been getting great results.