Lighting with 1000 growing auto seeds feed and water schedule

I need info on growing auto seeds from seed to finished plants.
Info such as lighting distance of 1000 MH bulb from plants when to go from 50% to 100% light . Schedules for feeding and watering. I AM NEW TO INDOOR AND AUTO SEED GROWS! Ive grown sense 1966 but I’m new to this THANK YOU

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Hello and welcome to the forum @1stgrow1966
The best I can offer is to give them veg nutrients a little earlier in life, and watch for signs of flowering then begin flowering nutrients.
Otherwise an auto is very similar to a photoperiod plant, except that it will begin to flower when it’s ready, not when you change the light schedule.
Hope this helps.
Happy growing.

THANKS FOR THE PROMPt REPLY. .Yes this will help had not thought of the early nutrients, good thoughtthanksthan very good THANKS could you tell me how to adjust the light just after they pop up thanks

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I believe the suggested light distance with HID lamps such as Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium is about 12-20 inches. Heat is a big factor with these lamps so if you have an Air Cooled tube/reflector for the light you MAY be able to get the bulb closer to the plants.
And in regards to when to change the power setting would be a personal judgement but Seedlings and smaller plants need alot less then larger plants, such is the case that you can burn or bleach or over saturate them and hinder growth.

There is alot of great information about lights on this forum, if you type something like “MH distance to plant” in the search it should pop up heaps of brilliant information via others posts of their respective experience. Look for magnifying glass at top of page.

Other then that, welcome to the forum and I hope you have a great time here!

Not my info original poster is @Donaldj

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Just curious @Covertgrower, if you keep the lights on 24/7 will she just grow bigger while she decides when to flower? If yes, that seems like a good thing, right? Still a newbie so trying to ,earn all I can. Thank you!

@ar00tls most people put an autoflower on 12/12 or 18/6. My auto is currently on an 18/6 schedule for the simple sake that it’s in the veg tent.
For best growth, I would recommend 12/12, 18/6, or even 14/10. Believe it or not, autos (and photos) do some of their best growing in the dark! They take stored energy and use it to grow at night. I would bet it would grow better if you gave it a dark period.
Happy growing. :seedling:

@Covertgrower. Thank you! You have so much knowledge and I am grateful to learn from you! Of the three light choices you mention, is one better than the other for babies? Mine are about 8 days old and 1 inch tall now.

@ar00tls Everyone grows differently, I think that as long as you give them a rest period any of those would work. 12/12 saves the most energy though. :wink:

Good point! Thanks again @Covertgrower!

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