Hydro gaurd question

Good evening

Hydro gaurd seems to work better than advertised in reservoirs. I have a question, is this strain the same as in bio fungicides and insecticides?

In short, has anyone ever applied Hydro gaurd to the leaves? @MidwestGuy @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74


Not me, sorry!

The new bio fungicides etc, seems to virtually eliminate outdoor mold and spider mite issues. I used a brand named Arbor.

The hydrogaurd seems to eliminate issues with roots in new seedlings in hot humid greenhouses. If the strain is the same, whats the difference in one marketed for roots and reservoirs and one marketed for foliar applications.

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Makes sense to me, I just haven’t used it that way.

I’ve found out i was overusing it. Little seems to go a long way. This is the best stuff invented since led lights, waterbongs and whisky.

Hydroguard is basically hydrogen peroxide with a little dissolved silver. Plain 3% hydrogen peroxide will do the same, it will kill all bacteria and microbes.

Never overuse at higher concentrations hydrogen peroxide is used as a weed killer.

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Actually, Hydro gaurd is made up of beneficial bacteria, specifically
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Silver? You lost me. Be right back, i must need to hit the bong again.


Sorry @2GreenThumbs

You are correct, I got it wrong and was thinking of Hydro Shield.

Hydro Guard is a blend of beneficial microbes designed to populate and help the roots’ ability to absorb nutrients and guard against harmful microbes.

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I have never used the product. Sorry.