Humidity Late Flower

It’s looking like the best humidity I can achieve on my current setup floats between 47 and 50%RH. Is this going to be an issue?
Last grow, I played around with 55 to 60%RH and spotted the beginnings of bud rot. I just tossed that cola and took the plant down as it was mostly done.
I can push lower but my temperatures hit 80 and I want to be around 77 (lights on).

Any insight is appreciated,


47 to 50 humidity should be fine just make sure and keep a good air flow. Couple circulating fans for sure. Good luck :+1::v:


I’ve been averaging mid 40s and just started a grow 3 weeks ago. Plants are doing just fine.


I’ve hit 65% off and on (with lots of fan action) and my buds never rotted

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I may have achieved the impossible. My lung room always sits around 33 RH, but the tent is as mentioned. I had an epiphany and I set up a system to blow into the tent directly and lo and behold.

Thank you all for the help!

Here’s what I did.


The monstrosity that is Apple Betty.

Post clean up.


IMO, move inline motofanr to INSIDE tent at portal where hose is now.
Place hose on fan input, leaving tent and on floor as before.
easier on the fan, I would think.
Quieter for your lung room.

Oscillating fans, circulate the air. Without them my tent drips water.
Inline fan exhausts tent thru filter or attic.
Negative air tent will find or suck air
Intakes have light shielding tubes, not necessary to BLOW air into tent.

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