Humidity getting to high

I have 4 white widows in a 3x3x5 and I’m have a problem with my humidity right now can someone please help me? it’s climbing up to 80% and low 75%. My exhaust fan is at low/medium speed, would speeding it up help it to keep it down or should I keep the tent door open? And is my temperature/humidity gauge in the wrong location?
Is this way ok

Or is this the right way

I usually hang mine at canopy height. If the tent is in your house, I have lowered humidity by opening tent and running a box fan at the door to the grow room to draw air from the rest of the house. Some people end up using a de-humidifier :v:


Ok I’ll give that a try thanks

I hang mine at the height of my canopy and a few feet away from the plants. If you set it on the soil you are going to get high readings from catching the evaporating moisture from the soil. I also keep fans blowing air up through the canopies to keep fresh, drier air moving through them.

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Keeping the fan blowing will help reduce humidity but it depends on what your room humidity is at.
With 4 plants in a 3x3 yes you need a dehumidifier I would say.
I run two plants in my 3x3

But yes hang the temp/humidity sensor at canopy height.

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So are you guys say to hang it in the area

Or this area I’m not for sure what canopy height is I’m sorry guys.

Even with the top of your plants.

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Small dehumidifier on left works amazing. Got it for $12.00