HUMIDIFIERS recommended settings?

Just recieved a new ACI Cloudforge T3 programeable Humidifier courios if there is a guide or chart as to the appropriate Rh should be in each grow stage might be???

I’ve not seen a chart, but I just keep it simple and run 60% in veg and 40% in flowering.


Apparantly i can program the entire grow and it will maintain the humidity wherever i set it. Ive always had issues with humidity adv 35% to 45% just not sure what optimum would be.

Maybe assume that calibrating RH along with temp to maintain the optimum VPD? I can’t think of a more precise way to do it. I’ve never paid attention to VPD, but some swear by it.


Yep ACI say this unit can do it or help control it adjusting Rh to temp will give some control.

Auto adjusts RH with temp? That’s a pretty cool feature.

The temp isnt controlled but raising or lowering Rh will change VDP at any temp.

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Haven’t even unboxed yet as i wont be dropping a seed for a week, but getting excited waiting to play with this unit.