Humidifiers cool or hot

What is the best reference to get cool mist or warm?

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Just put it right in the tent ?

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Yes right in the tent

I tried it just in the in the room and it didn’t make any difference

I put it in the back corner on a timer or control and problem solved


I had no luck with it in the tent, it’s hot here low humidity. My tent is 54"x78" minus all insulation and fans ,light sits at 6’

You’re probably going to need to add a 6-inch inline fan like a 440 through a carbon filter and a 220 that feeds in the dark it but I usually leave it open during lights on

Also add little clip-on fans in the back of the tents & 9 inch high velocity floor fan in each tent during dark period and also blowing in each tent the cool air from the which I keep it 78 to 82

you’re going to need to add air movement & if you’re not getting it one way you going to have to change your environment some how ?

Why don’t you fill out a support ticket so we’ll know all about your ventilation system ?

…down the bottom you can add in everything that you think might be important

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Thanks for all the intel

Honesty I he a exsaust fan from a bathroom and it does great

Here is what it looks like I can move it up or down but it stays all the way up I’m at 57% ,79°