Hps to led question

Iv just switched from an hps system to led.and the led lights I have have a switch for veg, and one for bloom.when I switch them into flower should o turn the veg switch off?

I keep both on for the entire grow. If the plant doesn’t need a specific light spectrum, it won’t use it. So it doesn’t hurt to keep them both on.

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Agree with @Vexer

no offense but…
sounds like u have down graded in lighting,
is it too late to send the LED back.?

if u can keep temps descent a HPS system will out do the older LED’s,
send the new fixture back and try QB’s or COB’s or QB 96’s.!!

luckily, i switched from HID to Quantum Boards.!!

400w HPS with two 6500k 25w CFL’s

2x HLG 135w QB’s running at ~120w each (240w of QB to replace 400w of HPS)

It’s really about power when you switch from HID to LED. Cheap LEDs on Amazon are about as efficient as HPS: 133 lumens/watt. So if you grew with a 400 watt HPS lamp before, you need 400 real watts of LEDs.in that same space. Don’t believe the marketing BS on Amazon. A “1000 watt LED” that only draws 250 watts from the wall is a 250 watt light.

The top end LEDs like Quantum boards, Cree or Vero29 COBs, HLG, etc. are better, but cost more. They run more like 160-180 lumens per watt, so you can run fewer watts of those and save on your electric bill.

When you only turn on growth switch, will your light’ fan work? When I only turn on my MarsproII1600 led bloom switch, the fan will not work. So during bloom stage, I must turn on 2 switches. But plants need more light during bloom, so you had better turn on two switches for bloom

Always run both the grow and the bloom LEDs in bloom phase. You can actually run both in veg phase but the plants will do fine (though a little slower) with only the grow LEDs on, and you save a bit of electricity.