Please help with his or led

Hey everyone…I’m looking for honest opinions of less va hps it seems everyone has different approaches…I’m not a closet grower by any mean, I want full dense buds out of my plants just like hps does for me, currently 1000 w hps with 10 plants works very well! But I like the energy saving on led lights but seems I would need multiple for my 10 x 10 area 8 feet ceiling! Would I not be spending the same on electricity for have multiple LEDs to make up for the 1000watt hps? And am I going to get the same grow with led compared to hps? I’m so stuck on what to do ! Any body have good experience with the led towards yeild, canopy coverage , distance from plants ect, heat is no issue for me now, space is no issue for me aswell! Thanks

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I switched from HPS to led for flower. I run 3 tables in flower. Each has a DIY 600+w led. I WON’T go back.
Scrog nets are 54"x 60"

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I’ve run two 1000 watt HPS in a 5X10 and had great success but had to run two inline fans to cool the lights plus running the ac for the heat. I recently switched over to two 640 watt Photobio Leds and had to add a dimmer controller because the lights were so powerful for the size room. If you check out my posts you’ll see pictures of my recent grow with the lights. These lights were not cheap at about $1300 each but I’m really glad I made the switch. I didn’t go over 70% power for these girls.

Here’s my old setup with Raptor lights.


If you went with good LED’s, it would take around half the wattage of a 1000w hps to create the same light output.