Hows my flowering stage going?

Hey guys this is my first grow, hows my flowering stage going? Any tips or suggestions?

Strain: Cherry Head
Light: 1000w tolys led from amazon
2x4 tent
Growing in organic soil I made from compost, peatmoss, worm castings and vermiculite in 5gallon bucket
45-50 humidity
Honeywell fan
24°c day 20°c night
Bought ac infinity fan and filter should be here in a couple days

This is the first day with 12/12 light schedule

Week 1


Week 3

Week 4 also added 2 fluorescent lights on either side for more light, getting some adjustable ratchet ropes to lower them closer to canopy


Last 2 photos are day 28 of flower (from switching light schedule) , how are the size of my buds? Are they up to normal size for that time frame?

Also when does the “flowering stage” officially start? Is day 1 considered when you switch the light or when you first see the white pistils or buds?

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Plant looks awesome. Great color and training. Some people count from day one of flip to 1212. Others count from when plant settles and starts pumping those buds out. Buds look healthy, normal development. You could probably clean up the bottom of the plant that’s not going to see much light if you wanted to


This is will save you hours of endless trimming.


Thanks @Covertgrower @Eagles009 I will trim a bit at the bottom, some have already turned a bit yellow and have fallen off. Others that are on the outside that have stretched out are still very healthy and are getting light. I’ve been trimming lower buds that appeared. How low from the top of the canopy would you trim buds?


Ill update with new pics of the lower part so you can see the smaller buds

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If they were my plants I’d rip all those pesky leaves off and give my buds some light. Whatever is not improved in a week I’d rip off. That’s just me plenty of growers leaving their leaves on in pictures I see.

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Are you just talking about lower leaves or the ones at the top blocking light to the lower buds?

I’m talking about every single fan leaf with a stem you can easily access with clippers. Excluding the leaves that hang off the sides and or have literally no bud site below them. So sides and very bottom. But again, that’s just me.

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I aim for the bottom 1/3 of the plant. Some strains that I’ve grown before, ill do more or less. Especially if it’s from clone, and I know how it’ll grow.


Thanks, Ill see what I can do, Im still a little hesitant to go chop a lot off, will update with photos!


Ok here’s the bottom half, trimmed up most of the leaves but left the outside ones that are getting lots of light on.

Here’s the top, it doesn’t look like I’ve cut much but I cut a few leaves, figured I could always go back and cut more if I need to but cant put em back on!

Just a close up of a nice bud

Here’s a pic of a stem I broke by accident about 2 weeks ago when I was bending branches around the metal support cage I made. I wrapped it in grafting tape and just took it off to see how it healed.

Here’s one of the stems, what do u think? Should I be trimming any of the lower buds or just leave them?

It looks dark in the photo but I think its just the way my camera is reacting to the light. Its actually a lot brighter than what the photo shows


Nice job!


Is there a point when it is too late to do large amounts of trimming where it would stress the plant too much?

@Ale plants look excellent. Great job.


Thanks @jambi1214

Im not sure, thats what Im worried about too, dont wanna stress her.

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My AC infinity fan came today and the controller and thermal probe were missing and the box was opened and packaging inside was obviously opened. :frowning:

I do it as they grow along… This is a good example of how to do it. Just remember you can always remove more but if you get carried away you can’t glue them back on :joy::wink:


Boo man I can’t like that post. Return!


Dropped it off at the post office and I ordered a new one, what a waste of time though!

Bummer of it’s Amazon they’re good about it.